why is my 7 month old waking up so often at night?

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My 7 month old is having problems staying asleep. He was doing good until recently. He wakes up like every 1-2 hours or he wakes up as soon as i out him in his bed. He already has his bottom teeth, but i am thinking his top gums may be hurting him. I dont know what to do. His doctor said he should not have any problems sleeping through the night, but I don't know. I thought about trying the Highlands teething tablets? Any opinions on those or any kind of sleep aids?


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My daughter started waking up more often at 5 months old and until today she is not sleeping through the night. She is a nighttime teether and for every tooth that came in she is having like a month trouble. She slept through the night when she was 2-4 months old. When it is really hard on her I give her pain relief for infants. It is usually the night before the tooth actually cuts through. On other teething nights I just breastfed her back to sleep since this seemed to be the best working solution. We co-sleep for this very reason. It saved my sanity. She did have a few nights with no teething in between and she slept through the night then, but never a long term. I am now counting down, we have 4 more teeth to go and I seriously will throw a party when they arrive! We used different brands teething gel along the way, which all helped a bit, but never long-term. I don't use them anymore.

My suggestion is not to easily use medication when it comes to teething, because if you think that there are 20 teeth to come you don't want to put your kid on pain relief drugs on a regular basis for the next 2 years or so. I mean my daughter is really extreme case, I didn't mean to scare you. All my friends babies have much easier time teething and longer breaks in between. But I found that the nursing was the best & healthiest soothing for the long run, but I did use pain relief in horror nights for my own & my daughter's sake! But it was the exception.


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I wouldn't use the tablets personally. What you're describing is very normal. Babies unfortunately change their sleeping patterns all the time, as they're constantly growing and developing. Hang in there. :)

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I have had good luck with the teething tablets. Babies are notorious for changing their sleeping habits... certainly when something is hurting them like new teeth coming in. But also a baby who was previously sleeping very well will start to wake at night for a new developmental milestone such as learning to crawl or learning to pull up to stand. Or... any other interruptions in their life... new room, new house, new living arrangement, etc.

As far as teething goes I have found with my 2 daughters ages 3 1/2 years and 15 months that some teeth just bug them more when coming in than others. There were a few teeth that just showed up with no real indication that my baby was teething, and there were a few teeth that took more than a month of baby being grumpy, not sleeping well, chewing on everything before they popped through. I use the teething tablets, and if it seems really bad I'll give my daughter a dose of tylenol just before bed. I've found that once the teeth come through my baby goes back to previous sleeping habits and stops waking as frequently.

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