Will this cause an early labor?

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My son pretty much quit breastfeeding on his own at 15 months. I am now due June 22nd and have noticed leaking a lot. Not much - not enough to need a pad, but enough that if I'm braless, it's through. I've only nursed my son and have little experience.

I HAVE heard that nipple stimulation or nursing will induce labor. I do NOT want to go into labor before this little one is ready to come out. I think the longer she's in there, the healthier she'll be and more likely to nurse when born. Will the leaking or stimulation from being braless cause any early labor? Should I wear a padded bra? I really really don't want to go early. Both my kids were the day after their due date and that was just fine with me! :) Thanks.


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The oxytocin released from nipple stimulation will only bring on contractions strong enough to induce labor once the uterus is sensitive enough to the hormone. This usually happens after 37 weeks.

Leaking just happens. It won't bring on labor contractions. Nor will any stimulation from a shirt or bra. One would have to be tweaking the nipples.

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leaking and being braless won't cause early labor. In fact, many mothers continue to nurse their older baby while pregnant right through the whole pregnancy and even tandem nurse both the older one and the new baby. While nipple stimulation can cause some contractions, it will not induce labor until you're body is ready for labor. There is a hormone that is released with nipple stimulation, but until your body is ready, that hormone isn't absorbed by the uterus, and won't cause labor. If your body is ready, it can get labor going.

But - you're not even asking about the safety of nursing your older one, just about being braless and the normal leaking that occurs in some women before their baby is born.

Rest assured that the leaking, and being braless will NOT cause early labor.


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Nipple stimulation has to be done in a specific and lengthy way.

You actually have stimulation the areol a for several minutes, rest a minute, then back on for several minutes, and then switch. and you have to do like 15 minutes each breast, every hour, for several hours

It does bring on some pretty hefty contractions, that in my experience stop after you quit stimulating.

I was 80 % effaced, 7cm dilated, head down, bulging waters, had a sweep and did this religiously trying to get that bad boy out of my uterus, and other than the contractions.. it didnt induce anything.

I wouldnt worry about a shirt rubbing or nursing. It takes ALOT of stimulation for a good length of time.

There is a lot of information online about nipple stimulation and labour induction, I suggest you research some to ease your mind.

Jo - posted on 04/08/2011




I had leakage but they told me it's nothing at hospital and very common. My friend had to wear nursing pads the whole last trimester.

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