Wooden Crib Or Travel Cot - Which is a better bet?

Sara - posted on 05/13/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




So far my 6 mth old has been sleeping with me in my bed...But i'm planning to shift him to a cot of his own soon. But i'm not sure what would be a better bet to buy? - A Wooden Crib or a Travel Cot.

I was told by a friend that kids can get their hands/legs stuck in between the bars in a wooden crib. Also, once a baby starts to roll, they might hit their head against the bars & wake themselves from sleep. Considering this, a Travel cot seems to be a safer option...But can it be used on a daily basis? Also, any idea how long a travel cot will last - till what age can i put my baby in it?

Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks!!!


Heather - posted on 05/13/2009




we have a wooden crib. I was able to get a breatheable mesh bumper to line the crib to prevent head bumping or arms/legs escaping.

April - posted on 05/16/2009




I used two tavel cots (one in our bedroom and one in his) from my sons birth and it has worked out fine. Just get a good durable name brand one that will withstand all the wear and tear of daily use would be my advice. Best part is that the many of them come with an anti-smother mattress, so it maintains good air flow throughout even if baby rolls over onto their face, and the mesh sides are much easier on your baby's face and head should they roll into it. Just be sure to keep the cot at least 7mm from the wall in the event your little one manages to throw themselves into the side-- the mesh wont hurt, but the hard wall definitely will! Dont ask how I know this-- :-S Im raising a daredevil!

My son is 15 months now and his travel cot show nearly no sign of wear-- I have a Graco Contour travel cot. They can stay in it until nearly three years old, OR until the point they are trying to escape (danger of falling means they are ready for a real bed) OR are too tall (long) to fit in it anymore.

Hope this is of some help! ~April :-)

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My 2nd had to sleep in a Pack'n'Play (travel playpen) for about 8 months, and while he didn't seem to mind, I wished he had something softer to sleep on. It was also very low to bend down and place a sleeping baby. Just put a crib bumper in a wooden crib and there won't be any sore heads.


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Joanna - posted on 05/16/2009




i bought my son a cot bed from toys'r'us with the best mattress that i could afford and he has slept in it from birth the good things about it are that it has three different hight options for the mattress so you do not have to bend down to low when they are tiny and it converts to a low bed that shoud last till he is at least 5 years old so value for money

Suzette - posted on 05/16/2009




We have a wooden swing crib for our little girl with a bumper set. ( I didn't know about the mesh) she has slept in this since birth, she is now 31/2 month and I feel that she has out grown it now. We also have the Graco Contour travel cot with the good quality mattress ( got good price form toy'r'us) It's a very good cot with changing mat and three levels,and my daughter sleeps well in it when we stay at her grandparents. I actually thought a travel cot was for just traveling with, but have been thinking of transferring her form the crib to the cot. to answer your question and going on the advice above I would definitely suggest a good quality travel cot where you'll get good value for money. (If you rather a wooden cot Ikia do a cheap wooden cot with two level's and is surprising very sturdy - it's less than £30 so you can afford to spend the money on a good mattress.

Sara - posted on 05/15/2009




Thank you all for your advice :) Heather - thats a great idea...never thought of it. Now that i've got a solution to my problems, I guess i'll go with the wooden crib since its long lasting as well. Thanks again for all the help.

Emma - posted on 05/14/2009




iv got a wooden cot at home never had a problem.

but my kids use a travel cot when at there grandparent, the sides are material so when they stodd up leaning on the sides they sliped and banged there head on the metal bar frame.

travel cots are only designed to be used occationaly

Lisa - posted on 05/14/2009




I think the hardest thing with a travel cot is that you have to bend down so low to put bub down. They also have a very hard "mattress" which I think you'll find isn't great for bub's to sleep on full time. Standard cots are higher off the ground and have a real mattress. If you can get a breathable mesh bumper that sounds like a great option for the wooden crib. I actually use our travel cot as a sort of playpen, it's a great way to keep DD3 from getting in to things when I'm not in the room or when I'm trying to clean up. She occasionally sleeps in it, especially now it's getting colder (Australia) and the living room is the warmest room in the house during the day. If you do chose to go with a crib (and I hope you do) make sure to buy the mattress and crib at the same time to ensure that it fits correctly.

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