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Every once in a while I get paranoid that my son is starting to wean completely. I really want to make it to his second birthday and i know he still enjoys nursing, too. however, i am at my mom's house for mother's day. Whenever I come to visit, she shoves food down his throat. If he isn't interested, she won't give in until he opens his mouth for her. i've noticed this past week that he isn't nursing as much as he usually nurses when we are at home. during his normal naptime feed, i can tell he isn't trying to extract milk (nap is his only daytime feed). during the night, he typically wakes about 5 times to nurse. he isn't waking that often...maybe he wakes up twice but it doesn't feel like the same kind of sucking that i am used to. at home, he's ravenous at night, but not here. my breasts feel sooooo different here!! i do feel as if i've lost my milk completely. I'm still producing, but left boob is empty when i try to squeeze something. i'm not sure what's going on here and could use some insight!!


Jessica - posted on 05/07/2010




It could be that he's just not really hungry, after one year babies' tend to eat less (some eat more). I would really put your foot down with your mom's force feeding - if he's not hungry, he's not hungry, simple as that. Force feeding will do nothing good for him, he knows how much food he needs and he will make sure you're aware of when he wants it LOL.

My breasts feel ridiculously empty too (dd is 18 months) but she's still getting some milk even if I don't feel anything. I wouldn't worry too much about the nursing or his appetite; but focus more on getting Gran to stop force feeding. Nicely if possible. Perhaps say "Happy Mother's Day mom, we're always so happy to see you, and (insert son's name here) absolutely loves to come and PLAY and CUDDLE with his Nana. He had such a big (enter last meal) before we came over, is that alright if he simply run around and burn it off? He may eat some Cheerios later if he's hungry, he's getting very good at stopping when he's full." Something to let her know that you appreciate her efforts, but that she pushes too hard.
If your relationship is more like me and my mom.... it ends up being simply "ma, she's not hungry - seriously, it's ok. Look at the cheeks and buddha belly; starving to death she is NOT."

Best of luck and Happy early Mother's Day!

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