Any of you EBFing moms still pumping?

Jen - posted on 11/06/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm just curious...I just started pumping tonight so that way if there's ever some kind of an emergency, my hubby would be able to feed my son his *exptremely occasional bottle/sippy cup at night, of breast milk just in case I'm sick or indisposed (Getting some crazy dental work done really soon) And I want to make sure my kiddo has some on hand if/when they'd need it, you know? Now, I used to have no issues pumping at all, but now since it's been a while, I've only been getting about 3.5 oz each time. I'm sure this is normal to now since he's only nurinsg 4-5 times a day, sometimes a bit more. I guess it still worries me. he used to get 8 oz a day no problem, but I suppose now too it has to do with all the solid foods that he eats and stuff.

What does anyone else get now that's still pumping for their LO? Thanks everyone! (I do also know that pumping isn't a good gauge as to what your body actually makes milkwise.) :) I'm just kind of curious to see what everyone else gets pumping now.

Seriously; Pumping is like an art form lol. Trying to get back into the swing of things again!


Amanda - posted on 01/14/2010




My son is 21 months old and still nursing, but I stopped pumping at work when he was about a year. I was a nurse that worked 12 hours shifts overnight. I started getting 1-2 oz each time I pumped and I felt it wasn't worth the effort anymore, since my husband was having to supplement with formula anyway. I just continued as long as I did because I was afraid of losing my milk supply if I didn't have that stimulation overnight. As it turned out my supply was still fine for nursing, but my lactation consultant said it wasn't uncommon to get less milk when pumping once your baby was older, since pumps are designed to "nurse" like a newborn and the suction and pattern are completely different for an older baby. So your body is no longer "fooled" by the breastpump into thinking it's your baby. I tried to pump again a couple months ago because my husband had my baby out of town for the night and I was feeling uncomfortable and full, and I didn't get a drop with the pump! haha!

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