iam sick ov having to do my daughters hair constantly everyday i check her hair morning and when she comes home from school this year she has had them bout four times im sick and tierd ov having to go out and spend a fortune when parents shuld not send their kids to school if they have them what was wrong with when we were younger didnt harm us soon as ur hair was checked and u had them u were sent home WHY THESE DAYS NOBODY BOTHERS IM SURE PARENTS ARE JUST AS MAD AS IAM AND WHATS WRONG WITH WILLING PARENTS TO GO INTO SCHOOL TO THAT JOB TO STOP THEM SPREADING THROUGH OUT SCHOOL OH YES THEY CLASS IT AS CHILD ABUSE DIDNT DO US HARM SO LETS SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE WE CAN GET TO JOIN AND MAYBE BE ABLE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PROBLEM THANKS X (Petition to: Bring back the nit nurse into schools. | ) please sign the goverment pettion many thanks x