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Anita - posted on 08/06/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I firmly believe that no matter how many church services we attend, how many bible stories we read or how many good people we place our boys in front of, the work that counts most is what we live and model to them. How can I bring up a mighty man of God when I am not striving to be a mighty woman of God? How are you making sure that your training is not in vain?


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Leao - posted on 10/08/2009




right on Tam, we are the living bibles our children see every day, I think the important thing that I have to do is protect my time, you can busy for a lot of things but what is most important, God be with you as you make all your day to day decisions, I have to keep remembering that my boys won't remember how many songs I sang at church or what ladies meetings I attended but what quality time I spent with them at home.

Zimmersgirl - posted on 10/03/2009





Anita, I think some of this ties into some of the lies we've all bought into. Even in the church, the Christian feminism has taken such a deep root that we all feel we aren't doing anything worthwhile unless we are out teaching the world.

The problem with that is that we are neglecting the very precious ministry God chose for us and that is to raise up the next generation for Him and after that to teach the younger women to do the same.

If we cannot strive to be the mighty women and follow Biblical guidelines for moms/women, and if we cannot reach and teach our own children for God because we are so busy doing other ministries then we are not being effective in the kingdom. It is our first and foremost job to train up our children.

As far as making sure it's not in vain, as we cannot see into the future, we must rely on the Lord.

But I think that we really need to make sure everything we do has a Scriptural basis and if we don't know it then we need to get in there and learn it and then apply it right there in the home--not just out and about.

We need to show our families how important God believes they are by humbling ourselves before Him and serving our families. We need to prepare our sons what to look for in Godly wives and we need to love them as God does.

Another way that I try to make sure it's not in vain is to model a Biblical love for my husband as the spiritual head in our home. The boys know that Daddy thinks mommy's opinions are important, but that I do defer to him in most situations (some things like menu planning he doesn't want to touch, lol). It's taken a lot for a girl who has been told by the world her whole life that she "doesn't need a man" to humble herself that way, but it's been a huge blessing and one verse that it models is "Blessed are the meek." My boys learn that meekness is not weakness and I pray they can appreciate that quality in their future wives.

Now I'm rambling. Sorry, it's early, lol.


Leao - posted on 09/01/2009




Hi Anita, We all have struggles and we are not perfect but we can at least try our best and leave the rest to God, my boys know I love them but they also know I'm not perfect, keep praying for them, it's hard as women to try and keep it together but we know that God always has bigger shoulders than us and that He doesn't give us more than we can handle, keep chatting this is good for you and for me, bless you as you continue...also remember to put on your armour daily this is a fight and there is no armour for your back, remember you can pause and stop but keep going forward. God bless Leao

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