Brothers and Sisters

Do you have what everyone calls the *million dollar family* ..? A boy & a girl in the house-a.k.a 'sibling rivalry'...? Or perhaps you grew up in one, and you know first-hand! Anyone who has advice on the topic-Join this group to help answer the questions we are all thinking! *Was it hard to bond with a big brother os sister?* *How well did you guys get along?* ...and if you are a mom- *How well do your kids get along?* *What difficulties have you had keeping the girly acitivites separate from the boyish activities? *How did your children differ at birth from one and other?* Anything else thats on your mind, dont be afraid to ask! Join and help other moms who might be struggling with the same issues :)


OMG PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELP!!!!!!!! I am up for any advice I can get on my 14 year old daughter and 17 year old son. The fighting finally got out of control about 6 months ago when went to grocery...


Baby Birth Weight

What did your children, boys and girl, weigh at birth? first needles/2 months? one year? Im wondering the difference from boys to girls since I keep readin that boys are...



My daughter is turning 2 on thursday but I am also due to have her brother on thr 30th (2 weeks wednesday) even though its my daughters birthday,a lot of the attention has been...


keep updated with the group!

Hey everyone, dont forget to post any ideas, questions or concerns you might have! Invite anyone you think would suit the group and let's keep it active! Thanks and talk to you...