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Nikki - posted on 02/12/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




I didn't know where else to post this. But my brithday is coming up this month and my boyfriend/father of my son, is acting strange. He keeps giving me hints of what he got me. He said its beautiful and that I am going to cry when I see it. I have a feeling he is going to purpose but I don't want to get my hopes up to just be disappointed. We have an 8 month old son together and we have been together for 2 years but we grew up together. We are going to dinner and a movie. So I was just wondering like if there are signs of your boyfriend purposing or stories of purposals?


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Sarah - posted on 03/08/2010




My boyfriend was acting weird and secretive, I actually thought he was cheating on me. I really wanted him to propose on Valentines day if he ever was going to. Of course his mum ruined it by telling me that he owed her money for the engagement ring, which he hadnt actually given me yet.
So then I knew it was going to happen and I pretended I didnt but when he did, I said yes of course but was kind of dissapointed it wasn't a surprise and plus I knew that he now had to pay back his mum.
And we can't afford to get married, so we've been engaged for over a year.

Rebecca - posted on 02/19/2010




I agree, with Nora! If its not an engagement ring, it better be bloody nice diamond earrings or something along those lines! Or he could've bought you a house???

Nora - posted on 02/19/2010




sounds like he is definitely going to propose... If he doesn't get you a ring (especially now during tax season!) and gets your hopes up high like that for nothing i would raise hell LOL.

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With my husband and I there were no signs really. We'd been together since May 2007 and he proposed in November 2007 when we were on a bus lols! Got married June 2008 2 days after my 18th birthday and will be celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary in June =] Don't get your hopes up but the changes in behaviour are significant.

Nikki - posted on 02/15/2010




Thanks for the advice...and I will let you know, my birthday is in six days so I guess we will find out then!!!

Brendalyn - posted on 02/14/2010




yeah i agree with niccole! positive changes signs are good! i have been married a year now...there was no proposal though...we met and decided we were gonna get married, 9 months later i made the call to the court house and bam! so i envy you!! if he does have to let me know! i love romance (not saying my husband isnt romantic! he is...he picks me flowers and sings songs to me.)!!!

Niccole - posted on 02/12/2010




There are signs, but only you can tell. Change in his behavior (in a positive way) is a really good sign of proposal. Also, he told you that you were going to cry when you see it is good sign. However, like you said, don't get your hopes up (I'm not trying to be negative), because what if it's something else that you really wanted? Just hope for the best but don't hope for too too much. Good luck.

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