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Before he fell in the tub one night he used to run to the tub when we said the word bath or started the water. Now he runs away and screams if I mention the word bath or start the water....I have tried new toys, getting in the bath with him, my husband has gotten in with him, we tried paints, also giving him a bath in the sink... as soon as we turn on the water he screams and cries and runs away... When we get him anywhere near the tub he starts shaking and trembling while screaming and trying to jump away from me. I have been afraid of "traumatizing" him of the water - so I have been giving him "baby wipe baths" - Please help!! Oh and we tried the shower too... that's even worse... he doesn't like the sprinkling of the water on his face.


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Try reintroducing them slowly - like having him sit in the bathroom near the tub, then near the tub with the water running, etc. so he gets used to it.

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i would just keep the baths short for a while, but make sure he goes in there. it may be hard for a while, but gradually make them longer and he'll get used to it. poor boy, my niece fell in our bathtub and bit her lip and it was bleeding and she was nervous about the tub for a little while after, but just keep at it and he'll get over his fear.

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