RH Negative?

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I am jsut curious if anyone has dealt with this and what the doctor does about it. We found out i was RH Negative in the E.R. last night and we went for a different reason! Thanks.


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I am RH negative and it is something that is really easy to deal with. You receive a RhoGAM shot when you are 6 months I believe and after you deliver. If you ever have a miscarriage you would also receive one after. Luckily it is not something you have to do yourself or worry about on a daily basis but just know when you need to get them so you can be prepared if they don't give you one you tell them you need one. I had a miscarriage and they never gave me the shot. When I was 20 weeks I told my doc and he sent me in early to have one as a precaution especially since I was having some problems. So as long as you know your partners/husbands blood type you will have no problems with any pregnancies.

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I personally have not dealt with it, however, I went to school with a girl that was RH negative. I know the doctor advised her not to have anymore kids after her 1st because it could kill her or the baby or both...I'll just tell ya...she has 4 boys now & she was fine the whole way through every pregnancy. I hope everything goes well for you hun! Best of luck, I hope this helps.

Ashley - posted on 03/08/2010




i'm RH- too and you get two rogham shots one at 28 weeks and one after delivery...i had a battle with my insurance though they didn't want to pay for it they said that it was an unnecessary vaccination or something like that so i had to pay for the first one out of pocket and the doctors office gave me alot of helpful advice and helped me to get reimbursed..its just important that you get the rhogam shot at the appropriate time and what everybody else posted is very helpful as well

Amy - posted on 02/11/2010




I am RH negative. I had to have a rogam shot 3 times during my first and only pregnancy. This was not something that would be considered normal, I was in an auto accident.

Now for normal procedures, you will need to have the shot in the end of your third trimester, and right after the baby is born. This will ensure that your body does not build up antibodies against future pregnancies. With your first child -RH is not a problem, but any other pregnancies could be complicated. Some times there is just problems carrying a baby, and your with each pregnancy you could increase your risk of a miscarriage. Other complication include birth defects of one type or another. My girlfriends younger brother has heart problem and learning disabilities due to and -RH mother who was not able to get the rogam shot in her time.
Here is a web site that can better explain what is going on with you and your body. A negative RH factor is not a death sentence to you or your unborn child.



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I'm RH Negative and they gave me a shot like a month before I had each baby but I didnt have to have one after delivery with both babies because both my boys are the same blood type as me. I dont know how true this is but if you dont get the rogam shot before and after delivery(unless baby is the same blood type as you) the next time you try to conceive you will miscarry because your body will attack the baby because it will think the baby is foreign. That is what I have heard and I have a friend who never received the rogam shot and now she is unable to carry any children. Like I said I dont know how true it is but I would just ask your doctor. Hope this helps. God Bless!

Erica - posted on 02/06/2010




I was RH- and they gave me a shot at 28 weeks and they gave me another one after delivery..

Jacklyn - posted on 01/25/2010




the shot wasn't too bad. Both me and my mom were RH -. I was nervous in the beginning, esp for my LO but everything turned out fine.

Jessica - posted on 01/24/2010




Im RH negative, all it is that you need a "rogam" shot in your end or 3rd trimester before you deliver the baby. When a mother is RH negative (like me and you) and the baby's father is + or you dont know what the fathers blood type is, there could potentionally be a problem if any blood mixes during delivery or in utero. Your body wouldn't recognize the RH enzyme in the blood, see it as a foreign body and attack it. causing some strenuous health problems for you both. Its nothing to be concerned about unless that happens, but bring it up to your doctor at your next appt and tell him you are RH - and when will you be getting your rogam shot? i got one at 20 weeks and another around 30 weeks. If you dont get the shot with this pregnancy and your partner is + , and if you have a positive blood type baby in the future, your body will most likely miscarry within the first trimester because your body wont recognize it because it has a positive blood type.

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