Bullying in Children at School, Let's try to be UPSTANDERS!

"Bullying in Children at School, LET'S TRY TO BE UPSTANDERS!" When your children are going to school, or if they are getting ready to begin, as mothers, we have a strong responsibility to LISTEN to our children, UNDERSTAND what they are saying, and give them an opportunity to TALK and EXPRESS how they are feeling. We need to find ways to COMFORT OUR CHILDREN, BE THERE FOR THEM, SUPPORT THEM IN POSITIVE AND UPLIFTING WAYS, AND BELIEVE THAT THEY CAN DO AND BE ANYTHING THEY WANT TO BE. As mothers, we can help build a society that is safer and more aware of how children should be protected, and also how children should be understood. We can strive to help protect our children by BUILDING THEIR SELF-CONFIDENCE and showing them they are special, important and amazing!! A child who can come to you and talk, feel comfortable and express her or his feelings is a child who feels YOU ARE READY TO HEAR THEM, TO LISTEN TO THEM, AND TO GIVE THEM OF YOUR TIME, because they are important to you, and the time you have with them is special. I hope you join this community here at Circle for Moms. I think it is great way to connect with each other and help in any way we can! Sincerely, Felicia Gokool