Bullying STOPS here!

Is your child being bullied, take action now. Bullying is not something that just goes away, it is not something that children can work out amongst themselves, and it is not something kids will just naturally outgrow. If you know or think that your child is bullying or being bullied, believe them and intervene immediately.


What I did about Bullying

My son, 8, is a victim of bullying. He has ADHD and had to be in speach classes in 1st and 2nd grade, which is when the bullying started. He is such an amazing kid! He is...


school yard bullying

i have a 10 year old who was constantly bullied by another student this year i went to the school 5 times in 1 month because of this the school system sucks (public) and said...


what to do about bullying at school?

My daughter is being bullyed at school. She was jumped last year by the same girl. The school and cops did nothing about it. Now the girl got her older sister who is in high...