bullying by 9yr old

Rebecca - posted on 04/02/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




my daughter is 4 and my partners sister is always nasty to her, winding her up and laughing in her face, calling her manes, running from her when she wants to play, teasing her, one minute she wants to play the next minute she doesnt, doesnt share anything with her, eats chocolate bars and stuff in her face, pushes her, shouts in her face and one time even slapped her on her arm. she has also started doing it with my 5month old son? i have started keeping them away from each other i think its for the best. what should i do? im feeling depressed from it because i cant say anything cause her mum is my mother in law. help!!


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Sarah - posted on 01/30/2014




tell your daughter to hit her back, and this is normal they both are fighting for attention. one because the 9yr is your partners baby and your baby is your baby they each play a in your separate families ... when you bring them together they dont no what role to play? are they only children? if so then you are going to have your hands full... because they usually don't know how to play nice with other kids because they don't have to... its only one child .... take them to do something fun together... things should get better over time otherwise she is going to have to punch the the 9yr old in the face .... that always works...LOL

Dawndi - posted on 05/29/2010




That is bullying hun..you need to talk to your partner and be open about this situation. Sounds like the sister has some issues and maybe the parent is in denial. It is not normal for children to behave that way. I wouldn't let my children around this child any more.

Bullying can lead to extremely bad circumstances later in life including suicide.

Bullying vs Harassment (B & H):

The difference between B & H is in the age of the people involved, and the legal ramifications of each.

Bullying describes behaviours between children under the age of 12 that is offensive, cruel, intimidating, or humiliating.

Harassment is the adult term for bullying.

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