Do you ever talk to the bullies parents?

Kriss - posted on 03/25/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have heard both ways. Yes you should and no you shouldn't talk to the parents of the bully. Any advise. What would you do?


Patrizia - posted on 09/06/2010




my daughter was being bullied by 5 different girls i had been to the principal and teachers but they were good for nothing i kept regular checks on my daughter and asked everyday if anything had happened when she had her head slammed into a brick wall and was nearly shoved off the second storey balcony enough was enough i marched up to the school and demanded they do something i pestered that principal non stop from 9am to 3 pm in the end they notified the girls parents who of cause denied their angels would do such a thing. these days unfortunately parents just arent as attentive to what their kids are doing to others. my daughter still gets teased sometimes but only by one or two girls but she has become stronger for it and now stands up to them and lets them know that they will not hurt her anymore that she wont allow it. i am proud of her for being brave and finding her voice i have kept track of these kids and make sure my daughter is not placed with them in class activities. my daughter talks to me everyday of things she needs to get off her chest i guide her on how to avoid situations and things are seeming to quieten down obviously these girls have realised that they cant get away with this sort of thing anymore. i found that it doesnt fix anything to go to the parents they will tell you what you want to hear in the moment but bottom line they wont believe that you are telling the truth give your kid the tools to avoid situations and keep a close eye on things if they get out of hand then step in and take over.approach the school, have them contact the parents, arrange a meeting between you all at the school office to try to come to a solution, bring the kids in let them know the effects they are having on your child, let them know that it is unacceptable, call the police if you have to. all kids are mean at times it is when they are effecting your childs esteme and well being that is the main concern that is when we as parents need to stepo up to the plate and protect our kids as best as we can.

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Well my experience as the one being bullied at school, was talk to get my parents to talk to the others. The teachers were hopeless and only made things worse. I'd say that teachers "say" that they usually will do something, but half the time they don't. And now that I have my daughter, I will not tolerate anyone that bullies her. I know that my daughter can be rough at times, and I would also prefer if other parents would tell me if she ever was mean or something. But yeah like Dawndi said, some parents think that their kids are flawless and that they would do no such thing. But I guess you have to keep trying. If the parents can't stand up for their kids, then who will. ^-^

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From advise I received from one of my brothers who is a Principal in a very large High School with many issue's, Yes you should try to talk to the parent first. Be aware that they do not like the word bully and may deny any and all things you have to say. What you want to do is call and say hi this is .....I need your help with something..." They will answer sure. My case was a Neighbor and her daughter and her started a rumor that my daughter was Mentally ill . It started at a sleepover and proceeded to grow to and eventually she was being told this by others at school. She is in 5th grade.

Anyway, I thought I was friends with the mother...Wrong..stabbed in the back with a twist!

I ended up at school and I waited for the principal later that day. Luckily we have zero tolerance and it was taken care of the very next day. I do not speak to our neighbor any more and I do not let my kids interact with them. I will tell you my daughter moved on and made better friends. She is now happy and stress free.


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