Burlington and Area Mommies!

A place where burlington, ontario and area moms can chit chat or make play dates :)



Dickery Dickery Dare The Pig flew UP in the air The man in brown soon brought him down Dickery Dickery Dare Sit baby in your lap and say the rhyme several times while...


Local Mommies!

Hello Everyone, I was searching and trying to find a group for my local city, or places around and I didnt find much! So if you know anyone who fits in the category invite :)...


Things to do in burlington?

i was wondering if anyone had any good ideas of things to do in burlington, my son is 8 months now and other than the park i'm not sure what we could go and do. I also thought...


Oakville Mom Activities

I know there's not much I can do with my son only being 4 months, but does anyone know if there are any baby friendly activities to do in the Oakville area? We're new here, and...