Busy Babies and Toddlers

For moms of really active and busy babies and toddles. You know who you are, your baby is so active they hardly stop....even to sleep!


17 month old refuses to sleep

My little guy is so incredibly active that even when he is exhausted it is a struggle to get him to go to sleep. I'm even still nursing because it's my one fail safe...I know...


my 17mth wants our bed at 3am =[

Hi everyone, im just looking to know how you handle this 'problem'. Our daughter is very active through the day, she doesn't eat much solid foods and when it comes to bedtime...


No sleep

My son is 13 months old and he has only slept through the night twice, anyone, Help!! He wakes on average 3 or 4 times!


New introduction

Hi there, my name is Sheila, mother to Zoe, 18 months and am new to this group. My daughter is VERY lively! She can run quarter of a mile in one go! She has put on less than...