my 17mth wants our bed at 3am =[

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Hi everyone, im just looking to know how you handle this 'problem'. Our daughter is very active through the day, she doesn't eat much solid foods and when it comes to bedtime it's usually around 11pm before we can get her to sleep. She doesn't put up much of a fight when we try to get her over but it involves the baby on knee routine every night. We then carry her up to her room and put her snuggly into her cot. She isn't too hot or too cold & always has a spare bottle with her so she can reach it easily, but like clockwork between 3am and 3.30 shes up shouting or crying and we end up having her in our bed with us. We don't mind but would really prefer her to be in her own room as we have 2 older children and a 12 week old. What would you recommend? All your views and advice is appreciated.

Thanks....Charlene =] xxxxx


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IDK? Have you guys tried caring for her need and then putting her back to her bed? I assume you've probably already tried that, but I guess just keep it up and be consistent? Our son is also a late sleeper :( and it can be pretty frustrating at thing I noticed w/him anyways is that he can't nap w/in 7 hours of when I would like him to be asleep and then I have to anticipate him being up for 2 hours in bed before he'll fall asleep :( One thing that will help him sleep is his activity level before bed. So if we run him hard or he plays at the park or something before bed then he'll go to sleep quicker. I have a friend who would not let her kids sleep past 3 pm. So maybe if you held to a no nap time past... rule and then have everyone clean and play hard after dinner, then maybe bath (although some kids this will just hype up not calm down?) and then in bed by 8 kinda thing so maybe, hopefully, she'll be asleep by 10? A bedtime routine should go a long way for her...good luck!

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