darn anesthesiologist

Tabitha - posted on 01/28/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




heres my c-section story...

i was almost 9 months pregnant, with twins, (identical boys :-] ) When the time came a c-section as the way it had to be. I was 19 yrs old at the time, and totally nervous! my dr assured me that everything would be ok and if i had any questions or concerns just to let the Anesthesiologist know. The scariest part for me was the whole 'epidural ' part. I had been told horror stories about huge needles and permanent paralization. Oh man i was huggen that pillow so hard (they had me sit up and lean forward and hold a pillow. i was sitting on the opporating table with my huge belly tucked between my legs, and they send this itty bitty nurse to stand infront of my incase i fall. HA ya she'll break my fall)

anyway it turned out not to be so bad, just a little pinch then i got really happy. they let my boyfriend come in then and he held my hand, i still think he was more nervous then me, but that could have just been all those drugs. At 6:12pm Corbin was born i sent Jeff (my boyfriend/their father) over to the table were they took Corbin to report back to me, then 2 minutes later Devin was born. I could see Jeff running back and forth from table to table then back to me. Thats when I hear one of them start screaming! Now being a new mother i had no idea what was going on, Jeff was over there with the baby and i couldnt get his attention, so i tilt my head back and ask my Anesthesiologist, who was TEXTING on his phone, what was going on, as in why is my baby screaming his head off. And you know what he said! "He's a baby, babies cry." then he went back to TEXTING on his phone :-O oh my goodness if i hadnt of been numb from the waist down i would have.... well nothing really, i was fighting to keep myself awake after all the med, i was in no mood to yell at some guy i would never see agian. Dangit i just wanted to know what was going on! but thankfully Jeff was on his way back to me and had heard everything, ha he was pretty pissed to, but he kindly held my hand agian and told me Corbin was ok. They had just givin him a shot.

But, the point of this story is that darn Anesthesiologist was on his phone the whole darn time! His JOB was to make sure I was ok. after that 'giant kneedle' and everything. i was spacifially told if i had a question to ask that guy. And for some darn reason instead of looking back at one of the happiest days of my life, when my beautiful twin boys were born, the thing i remember most was that guy texting on his phone and being a compleat A-hole to me. urg.


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When i had my son by emergency c-cec on 10.01.08 i ended up having two lots of spinal drugs as the first lot did not work at all and they only partially worked they had the nerve to say we can continue as we are and can knock you out with a ga if you feel any pain!!! as i was only 36 weeks gone and stressed by having to have the baby so early i just said knock me out now. everything was happening so fast that i did not know up from down.luckily my little angel was ok and that is all that matters in the end

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My doctor once answered his cellphone during a pap-smear. It was pretty awkward

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ugh thats horrible! my anesthesiologist was one of the people i was thankful for! he was so nice! i was 17 and they had to try to put the spinal in 12 times! i was crying and shaking and he kept trying to comfort me he knew i wanted to be awake but my vertebra were to close together to get the needle in! the worst part of mine was the nurse that took my morphine off 12 hours before i was suppose to have it taken away! however don't cell phones mess with the machines? isn;t that kind of unsafe! i hope you filed a complaint with the hospital!

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Wow! Texting?? Mine was talking to the nurses the whole time about her teenage kid and how she was acting out. Hello?! Shouldn't you be paying attention to me and my health?!

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I can't believe they let him have a cell phone in the room. Isn't it supposed to be a sterile environment? Not only was that very ignorant of him, since you should have been his first priority, I think it was dangerous. I mean, you're lying on a table with your stomach cut open. Who knows what he does with his cell phone or his hands when he's out of that room? That cell phone could have had major germs on it. What a jerk

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sorry to n e one that knows an anetatist (i cant spell it sorry lol)

well after 16 hours of them rtying to force me in to labour, 16 hours of me groaning like a banshee, 16 hours of Ems heart rate through the roof then down to nothing a c section was decided on. i repeat the 16 hours for effect lol u can imagine the state of my poor mother me and hubby by then.

I had suffered with a trapped nerve in my back for years and there was no way a spinal was gonna happen i have issue sitting for more than a few hours straight so to not be able to move for a considerable length of time was so not gonna happen so i needed a GA.

When the Anaestatist came in these are his exact words no lie

" you do realise that if i dont do my job properly your wife and baby might die" This was because i had to have a GA

How he was not hit by my hubby i will never know and the wprst thing about it is i can still remember the feeling as he put me to sleep thinking this guy might kill me just to prove a point. I know it sounds dramatic but on my own preped in the theatre to the point where they are gonna open me up and having that a hole be the last person i see was awful.

Sometimes i think they forget the seriousness of the situation, just because they do a million a day does not make it ok to be rude and ignorant they r the second most key person in an opt and tbh there bedside manner leaves something to be desired.

However when i had my D&C 2/3 weeks later the bloke was lovely i told him how scared i was and he was lovely to me xxxxx

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