My 2 babies!

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I have 2 kids, both were born by c-sections. My first was my son. After 16 & 1/2 hours of labour, and only 4 centimetres dilation, we decided to go ahead with it before any complications arose because his head was too big to fit through my pelvis! My second was my baby girl. We discussed VBAC, and we were told of certain risks and complications, ie, contractions can make the previous scared tissue tear and the uterus can rupture, or if baby is not in the head-down position for birthing within the last 3 weeks of pregnancy then another c-section is required, etc. She was breech! (She's the complete opposite of my son)
After my first, I had little to no pain, although I did have back pain. Even in the weeks after, and I developed a serious infection in the incision a couple days after I was discharged from the hospital. After my second, I could hardly walk for 3 weeks, I was in so much pain. But at least I didn't get another infection!
A couple months ago I saw an article about a study on the bond between mothers and babies born by c-section. It stated that the mothers did not have the same emotional, physical, and psychological bonds as mothers who gave birth vaginally. It stated that we are LESS bonded than those other mothers, and that it would take longer for our bodies to produce milk. As well, we would have a harder time breast feeding! That study was only done on 100 women!
My baby girl is 10 months old and I still breast feed! I don't care what anyone says, I am no less bonded with my kids than my friend who had hers naturally!!!!!


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Hi, I have heard from experienced friends that the second C-section hurts worse and takes longer to heal, sounds like that's also true in your case? I'm due in Jan for my second one and I'm gonna try to hold out for a natural birth if possible - though this one seems will be even bigger than my first boy. BTW, that research you read about sounds like a load of bull to me. It's wrong for them to make mothers who didn't have a choice about having a C-section feel worse about themselves!

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