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Laura - posted on 09/11/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




Hey ladies,
This might have been discussed already but:
I'm currently pregnant with my second bundle of joy, I was told that since i had a c-section with my son I'm going to have another one with the one. I recovered quickly with my first one. I was up and walking the next day. My question is does it hurt more having a second one and what is the recovery like (just like the first or different). I'm completely scared about having another c-section and having to take care of a newborn and a 2yr old. If you have any advice I would sure appreciated it!!


Kathy - posted on 09/23/2010




I myself was in the same boat. I have had both my boys by c-section and my boys are 27 months apart. Talk about crazy!!!! I personally recovered much quicker with my 2nd than the first. I had actually tore open my first c-section and it was very rough recovery. My second on the other hand was much nicer. I was up moving quicker and had less pain. I still had my mom come and help for the first 2 weeks after my second child was born which was of tremendous help especially with having a newborn and 2 year old. Good luck and God Bless.


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Kirsty - posted on 09/29/2010




hi laura i have had four c sections now the second was easier than the first for me i think maybe because i knew what i was expecting from the recovery my third was the same i was really quite nervious with my forth but all was well i now have four beautiful girls and am planning to have my 5th i hope you feel better after reading the comments.

Christina - posted on 09/27/2010




I dont think it hurts as bad. I had my first (11/07) an emergency csection. My second came (01/10) also a csection. The doctor told me it is possible to have the baby regularly they just dont like to. The doctor told me I would be able to have a normal deliver if my son tried to come before my csection date. Unfortunately my son didnt have those plan :). He waited and on the 25th of Jan. I had my second csection. I recovered more quickly with my second csection. I do suggest you have some to help you. My first day home (by myself) my 2 yr od decided to throw a tantrum (terrible twos) and I had to call my mom to come help. good luck and congrats :)

Kimrose - posted on 09/15/2010




Wow - sorry - but I'm angry to keep seeing "I had one the first time so I need to have one this time" regarding what women are told by their doctors. I'm coming from a place of being right there with you - emergency section w/my first (AFTER a long natural labor and pushing - the missed that he was breech :( It left me w/a "T" incision/slightly higher risk of uterine rupture. Even so - after LOTS of research, I have a great Midwife and am planning a HBAC. Just my two cents - if you are comfortable, happy and settled on another c-section, that's one thing and God Bless. If however, you've been told/led to believe you "have to" - that makes me mad. I know it can be overwhelming and easier to listen to someone that SHOULD have your best interests at heart - but unless you are completely fine w/another c-section including the major surgery risks and emotional side of it - then you REALLY need to do your own research (if you haven't already - in which case please disregard my rant ;) Personally - my c-section was devastating and I'm very hopeful about my HBAC. Sidenote that if you look it up - even ACOG just recently released new recommendations regarding VBAC - that MORE women should be encouraged to try and supported in them. It is a HARSH TRUTH that repeat cesareans are influenced by physician motives - avoiding lawsuits, convenience - unfortunately, you'll find physicians admitting that - even if anonymously - all over the place if you look it up. I REALLY don't mean to make things harder - and again - if you're "at peace" w/what's planned, simply disregard everything except "BEST WISHES for your BEST BIRTH! :)

Emily - posted on 09/15/2010




I had an emergency c-section in July and have already been reading up on second c-sections for sometime in the future. Almost everyone seems to say that the second one is much easier and quicker recovery. Good luck

Hayley - posted on 09/12/2010




You don't always to have to have a c-section just because you had one before, it depends on the reason for the first. I had 2 c-sections 3 yrs apart & are now trying for no. 3. I have big babies so all of my children will be c-sections. They made a new incision with my 2nd one so now I have 2 about 1/2 cm apart. I seemed to recover faster with the 2nd even though it was a much longer incision, I think partly to knowing what to expect, I attended a wedding which I drove to 2wks after my daughter was born. You quickly learn what your body can handle but picking up your 2yr old will be a bit of an issue for the first few weeks, sitting on your lap should be fine though. Just remember not to be afraid to ask for help. So many people I talk to don't want to bother anyone & think they should be able to do it themselves but a c-section is major surgery & a 2yr old can be handful.

Shelly - posted on 09/12/2010




I had a second C-section and had no problems. It didn't take me long to be up and about. It does not hurt more because they usually use the same incision as your first. I would suggest having help around the house as much as possible. You will not be able to do many of the things you are used to do while you are recovering. It should take about 6 weeks to fully recover but you will still be able to care for your children. I think the most frustrating thing is not being able to pick up you 2 yr old when he wants you to. Good luck!!

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