Canada Moms Book Club

This is a book club for mothers in Canada. We will choose one book every month to read. We will then set up a time to chat online about the book at the end of the month to get everybody's input. If people are interested, we can set up in-person book club meetings if you live near other book club members. You can use the community to ask questions or make comments as you read the book. It will be a wonderful way for us to get to know each other and learn a little along the way!!


Books for Toddlers

Hi Mommies, I have opened a store that sells books for babies and toddlers. My website is Currently, I have special on for August where if you...


My sisters keeper. by Jodi Picoult

Hey i want to get this book club talking so i thought i would start a converstion about a book i recently read. my sisters keeper. i thought it was a good book. it was sad but...


What is your favourite book ever?

You know, that one that you read over and over and never get tired of? I have a few like that... Heidi Little Women, Good Wives and Little Men and... my ALL TIME...


James Patterson


Looking for reading suggestions

I'm new to this group and thought it would be a good place to get some suggestions on good books. Fantsy/sci-fi is my favorite genre but I'm looking for something new. I enjoy...


Push by Sapphire (Precious)

i finished reading this book in 6 hours. i couldn't put it down. it was a really touching book. very well written. i felt so sorry for precious and wanted to smack Mary. i...



Hi, I noticed that no one has been really posting much here, so I thought I would see if I could get us talking lol. Which book are you reading right now? I was reading one...


Has anybody read The Secret?

A couple of my friends have read the book and just rave over it , I was just wondering what other people thought. Does anyone know of any men who read the book and what did they...


Adult Books

I don't know when the last time was that I read a book that was actually for adults to read. Right now in our house we are reading a book called "Stories From Around The...



I thought when i joined that one book was to be picked for the month and then we would all discuss it?? I'm confused. It seems like everyone is reading on their own.


Just joined...

I am just wondering if this group is still running? What is the book for Decmeber if it is? I was excited to see this group but not so much now that i see there is such little...


Here is my NEW Book.

I would love for you to see my newly published book. It is about inspirations from the child within, titled: "Unconditionally" Your opinions are welcome!...


Fun Books?

What about doing a book club for children's books? We can pick a couple of books a month to get and read to/with our children, depending on their age.


New Member

Hi :) I'm Jena, mother of 2 & former bookworm. I'm having troubles taking time for myself and was hoping that this group would keep my nose in a book for longer than 2 or 3...


Making a Living through Giving

Check out this inspirational story: Make someones day, send an unexpected card to someone you love! I will even pay for it!...


Book ideas for August!

Since July is almost over I figured I'd start a thread where we can discuss possible books for August. Anybody can contribute ideas, and we can all discuss which to pick. Then...