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Hello fellow Mompreneurs! My name is Leigh Clements and I had my first baby 5 1/2 months ago. His name is Jamie and he's the light of my life. But, I'm also an entrapreneur and have had my current business, Shot In The Dark Mysteries.com, for 3 years. While I'm thankful for the fact that I get to work from home and spend time with my son, I also find it challenging to balance work and my little boy. I'd love to network with some other mompreneurs and chat about our unique challenges as Moms, and as business owners! What do you do for work, and how many kids do you have? What kind of challenges do you face on a daily basis?

As I said, I run Shot In The Dark Mysteries.com, which is a mystery games company. We sell home parties via digital download for adults (murder mysteries) and family friendly non-murder games. We also host live events and create custom games and corporate mysteries for company parties. I recently moved from Calgary to Toronto and planned to spend a few months establishing Shot In The Dark Mysteries here, but a week after I arrived I found out I was pregnant. Without any family or friends here, my business fell by the wayside for a bit until Jamie was born. My husband and I were also in the process of planning our wedding in Scotland, and after a lot of thought we decided not to change the wedding date. Now that we're married and Jamie is almost six months, I am able to spend more time on Shot In The Dark.

My biggest challenge is that Jamie does not nap very well. When he was first born, he rarely napped, and never on his own. Since we have been able to get him into a routine of napping around 2pm, but that was only because for about 2 months we would be in the car at that time each afternoon for an hour and a half, and he would fall asleep in the car. I still have a very hard time getting him to nap without nursing, but my husband is better able to get him to sleep in the afternoons. So, as I'm trying to work, he is usually in my arms if he's not in the bouncy chair watching Baby TV (thank goodness for that chanel - educational and helps development so guilt-free!)

Okay, there's my story - anyone else?


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Sarah Vander - posted on 02/07/2012




Hi ladies! My name is Sarah and I have two girls - Natalie (4 years old) and Maya (8 months old). When Natalie was about two I quit working out of the home and started my own home-based business. Basically, I do research for government and non-profit organizations. With two little ones, finding time is the biggest challenge. I do fairly brain-heavy work, so doing a little bit here and there doesn't really work. I've found that the best time to work is after the girls go to bed ... but I'm so TIRED then! I thought about getting up early, but I'm just not a morning person. So we struggle through as best we can. I'm considering hiring some parttime in-home childcare, but money is tight.

I recently read a book called MomInc about mompreneuring. would highly recommend it (it was in my local library).

Samantha - posted on 01/09/2010




It gets harder with each child!

I started my business when I was off with my first baby almost 3 years ago now. It was easy then, because she was an easy baby. Slept great at night, slept in in the mornings and napped for at least 2 hours a day. My business is sewing. I make all kinds of items for baby, so when she was really little she was content to sit in her bouncy chair or swing to watch me work. As she got older, it got a little harder, but still manageable. Then along came baby #2. My first daughter Grace was 2 at the time, and still napping great, but for the first month after #2 (Sophia) I was forced to fall a little behind in my work due to exhaustion.

Sophi is now 3 1/2 months old, and it is really hard to find time now. Grace is still good for an afternoon nap, and if she doesn't sleep it is still 2 hours of quiet time while she plays in her room, but Sophie is not a fan of schedules, and makes a new one every day. Not only that but she only sleeps for a half and hour at a time during the day unless she is in her swing. The swing is perfect for a 1-2 hour nap if I am lucky, but definitely not guilt free! I am starting to think I too should subscribe to baby TV too and see if that works. It was on for a free preview until Grace was about 6 months old, and I know she loved it! (definitely a guilt free channel!)

So for now, I work for 20 mins of and on when I get a chance throughout the day, and an hour when hubby is home and can tend to the girls for me!

So I guess in a way we are all in the same boat! Good luck ladies!

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Hello there,

I am having a similar issue. I am a event photographer and have not booked anything for the first 3 months of my daughters life. Now, it is time to get back working, and the problem is (sort of) she sleeps 8-10 hours a night, but barely sleeps during the day.

What is Baby TV, I haven't heard about that one!

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