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Mom's who just love books.....any kind......just to share different views


Demongelics No Man Is Mortal

Hi Everyone, DeAnrus McCallister's publisher just released the third book of the Demongelics Series. I read the first two books and the third is available now. The read is...


Demongelics by DeAnrus McCallister

I just finished reading Demongelics by the above author and what a great read for anyone that likes romance, with even some m/m. It was a great read and I thought I would share...


Book suggestions??

Hey Everybody, Has anyone found a great read that they want to share the name of?? Please let me know as I've finished my last book and am anxious to sink my teeth into...


Hello Everybody!

I adore romance novels though I occasionally read fantasy and mystery. I am also an aspiring romance author though it's incredibly hard to find time to write as a stay at home...


Loving Books

Hi, Everyone just wanted to recommend the app for visual books as well its great app that allows you to look for a book or recommend books and find other book readers. Right...


Moving to Oakville

Hi I also thought that I would mention that I am moving to Oakville, and I am wondering if anyone lives around the area. And is anyone interested in starting with a book...