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Canby, Oregon Moms

Canby is a wonderful community; close knit and very family orriented. Lets get together and share local finds, events that are happening, and news! We might not have children in the same schools, but they are in the same district. Our families play on the same little league teams, take dance classes together and often go to the same places of worship. Why not share our secret finds, the best parks or special things that are happening for Moms and Kids in our area.


Canby Grove Camp

I can hardly believe summer is almost here! I'm excited to have the kiddo's home all week long; mostly because we can be lazy; but also because summer in our area brings so...


Getting your first Library Card

My first grader isn't loving reading. She can read, she just doesn't enjoy it. It breaks my heart as I LOVE books, and am a true reader. I decided the other day to take her...