Spouses @ Cannon AFB/Clovis/Portales

Place for moms that are stationed at Cannon AFB NM!! This is a great way to meet new people that are just PCSing in or who are already here.. And for those that live in the surrounding areas, such as Clovis and Portales, you ladies are Welcome to join as well..



Hi my name is Tressa and my husband and I have 2 children. 2 girls, one is 13 months and one is 6!! Just so you all know :) I live off base but love to have play dates.


Toothles 10 month old :)

My little girl will be 10 months on June 21st and still does not have any teeth. She has completely stopped eating her jar baby veggies. And only wants "adult" food. I have...


Military Wife

Deployments How many deployments have you been through? 1 Are you currently going through one? Will be in a few wks What branch? Air Force What is your own way of getting...