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Hello! I became a child passenger safety tech in 2002 as part of my job at our local Children's Hospital. My oldest child was 2 at the time, and I really thought his seat was safely installed. The average car seat has three mistakes, any of which can be life threatening. My seat, that I was so sure was properly installed, had NINE mistakes. I was horrified. I knew I must not be the only mom who thought I was doing things right, but was actually putting my child in danger every time we rode in the car. Since 2002 I have checked 1000's of car seats, and I have never found a single seat that was installed and used properly. Nationwide the misuse rate is about 90%. There are so many myths about car seats (like kids can go forward facing at 12 months and 20 pounds (false), a child can safely use a booster seat at 30 pounds (false), kids don't need boosters once they turn 8 (false). I would love to help you find the safest way to travel with your kiddos. If you live in the Boise area, St. Luke's offers 3 FREE car seat checks each month (2nd Monday, 3rd Thursday and 4th Saturday of each month). Just call 381-1200 to get an appointment. Or post here and I will help you find safe solutions to your car seat quandries.


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I say keep her rear facing as long as possible. Especially if she is small. Doesn't amtter what brand of seat you decide on or how much money to spend. As long as it is rear facing, fits her height and weight, and you can install it properly...there is no such thing as "safer" seats. Any seat purchased at a store new in the box meets regulated safety standards. hoep this helps. ~Kim

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I am having difficulty figuring out which car seat to purchase for my daughter who will be 1 in December. There are so many factors that I feel like my head is swriling a bit. I want the safest seat for the money we can afford that will fit in my car in the safest position.

She is still in the infant carrier because she is only 19 lbs and short. We have a 2 and a half year old in an evenflow titan. My big predicament is that I have a Toyota Carolla and her infant carrier barely fits rear facing on the side, would not fit in the middle with my son in his Evenflow.

Now I am hearing that they should be rear facing until 2 or higher but all of the seats with the best safety ratings are so big. So what is better? Keep her rear facing in a less safe seat or front facing in a safer seat? We also have limited funds so we would like the biggest bang for our buck and under $150. Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 sounds like it would be a great option to upgrade my son to and give her the Evenflow but neither fit rear facing. Do you think that is the best option?

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