HELP! My 2 year old won't keep her clothes or diaper on at bed time :(

Aja - posted on 02/13/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi Everyone,
I am looking for some advice, all is welcome!
My daughter turned 2 in Dec and has recently started taking her PJs and diaper off at bedtime. Unfortunately it often happens right after she has pooped and she won't call out to let us know, she takes matters into her own hands, literally, and throws and smears her poop all over herself and her bed :( I know most kids go through a stage but this is getting really gross and happens upwards of 5 times a week!
I have tried putting her in 1 piece PJs but she unzips them, she can get out of any of her 2 piece jammies and I have even had her pull poop out of her diaper without taking her pants off at nap time!!!
I don't know why she waits until bed time to poop :(
If anyone has any ideas I would welcome the help!!!!


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Madhu - posted on 03/19/2011




does she have a favourite dora or can put sheets on her bed having those characters and ask her not to spoil them and because she loves them she may respond...hang a dora or elmo on the wall next to her and tell her that they are goin to be watching her and if she is a good girl they will come in her dreams and play with her...hope it helps :)

Karen - posted on 03/07/2011




I had one do that. Unfortunately it stopped when I took her to the ER with strep throat. She was always one that needed to have things explained to her. She also waited until bedtime as an excuse to stall. The only advice I can give you, other than that praying always seems to help and recognizing the time frame and catching her before it becomes a mess, is to try to understand why she does it. It could just be a "I don't want to take a nap" thing, and in that case, Deepti's advice on rewards and catching her in the act may be the only thing you can do to stop it. If it's because she feels like she's being ignored, and is trying to get attention, then it could be establishing routines that encourage more mommy-daughter time. My girls don't stall their naps anymore if I spend enough time with them, helping them know they are loved. The more they feel they are listened to, the more they will listen to you.

Deepti - posted on 03/03/2011




hi... just practice daily to take her to washroom before goin to bed. also bribe her and say that u will gift her something nice if she becomes a gud girl.
try this... put a new bed sheet and tell her if she does not make it dirty then she will get a chocolate or something else which she likes most.,all the best

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