Catholic Mothers

For Catholic moms who want to support each other as we raise our children and seek to be women of Faith!

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Hey guys, has anyone read Sex, Style and Substance yet? I'm half way through and it's SO good, hilarious and thought provoking. Thoughts?

Started by Kaitlin on 03/14/2012 in Catholic Mothers

Last update on 03/17/2012 by Heilin


Any other moms doing Natural Family Planning?

Hello. My husband and I have been doing NFP for over 2 yrs now. We got pregnant 2 months after starting it. Our son is now 15 months and I have been ovulating since he was 10...

Started by Shauna on 02/10/2012 in Catholic Mothers

Last update on 02/10/2012 by Kaitlin


The love/hate relationship with NFP

I read this on Catholic Online this morning and thought others in this group might enjoy it as well :o)

Started by Charlotte on 07/20/2011 in Catholic Mothers

Last update on 12/20/2011 by Jamie


Seton Home Schooling?

I am getting ready to start home schooling my children. Do any of you home schooling mama's use Seton? Comments? Concerns? Where is a good place to find cheap or used books?

Started by Brittany on 11/10/2011 in Catholic Mothers

Last update on 12/09/2011 by Nicole



I have 3 young children (3 and under). I have been trying to get to confession for months now. The problem is I don't have anyone to watch my kids. My husband used to go with...

Started by Michelle on 03/25/2011 in Catholic Mothers

Last update on 11/15/2011 by Elizabeth


santa and the easter bunny

what are your thoughts and what are you doing? do you let your children believe in santa and the easter bunny? my son is my first child and i would prefer that he does not...

Started by Kristin on 02/17/2011 in Catholic Mothers

Last update on 10/10/2011 by Nicole


Placental Encapsulation

Does the Catholic Church condemn this? I know it may sound gross, but I have recently heard about this and am intrigued. It isn't cooking and eating the placenta, rather it is...

Started by Bailey on 02/25/2011 in Catholic Mothers

Last update on 09/18/2011 by Alison


baptism and religious education

Hi... i was baptized at 3 months old but did not go through religious education or first holy communion as a child. i was not confirmed in the church until Dec 6, 2008...

Started by Mimi on 07/31/2011 in Catholic Mothers

Last update on 08/10/2011 by Michelle


A question of faith versus religion

I am what you could call a lapsed Catholic, I have never lost my faith in God but I did lose faith in my religion. There are things taught which I simply don't agree with. It...

Started by Lissa on 07/22/2011 in Catholic Mothers

Last update on 08/04/2011 by


Having trouble deciding on godparents - help?

Here I am, pregnant with our 4th child and am feeling anxious about choosing godparents. I am an adult convert to the Church so my entire family is not Catholic. My husband's...

Started by Nicole on 06/26/2011 in Catholic Mothers

Last update on 06/27/2011 by Michelle



When did you baptize your children????? Also is there much of a process to it or do you just call and they set up a date??? I have a son who is almost a month old and I just...

Started by Lauren on 08/08/2010 in Catholic Mothers

Last update on 06/22/2011 by Dorota


I need advice.....marriage related.....

How do you know whether to hang on and work it out - or say ok, its done and get a divorce (please no lectures on sin, etc., i already know divorce is not looked upon as a good...

Started by Veronica on 05/26/2011 in Catholic Mothers

Last update on 05/28/2011 by Michelle


I'm a Catholic Mom Blogger

I just posted "When Things Break" at and would love you to stop by for a read and hopefully a moment of peace...

Started by Misty on 05/10/2011 in Catholic Mothers

Last update on 05/14/2011 by Elaine


Little Flower and Blue Knights

I live in South Africa and am looking at starting a group in my parish for the youth. I am currently looking into the Little Flower and Blue Knights, which for those who don't...

Started by Desiree on 04/11/2011 in Catholic Mothers

Last update on 04/15/2011 by Desiree



Hi Everyone, I am Catholic. I was raised Catholic, went to Sunday School, even taught it for awhile etc. However certain things have me confused. I am on birth control, I know...

Started by Sarah on 03/11/2011 in Catholic Mothers

Last update on 04/12/2011 by Tia Melissa

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