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Dlindas22@hotmail.com - posted on 12/17/2011




I also think we should dress our best to church! If we dress nice for special occassions, what better place to do it than mass!! The place we receive the Holy Eucharist!!


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Nellynunes148 - posted on 07/17/2016




We always get dressed for mass. My daughter and I always wear skirts or dresses, and my husband and sons always wear dress pants and a dress shirt.

Kristen - posted on 01/21/2014




I love dressing for mass but last Sunday that all went out the window. My 7 month old twins were dressed in the same thing they had worn for the last 24 hours, my husband had shorts and flip flops on and my hair was a mess. Sometimes you offer it up and come to the alter as you are.

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I grew up wearing dresses to church. Still do. No cleavage showing either. I just try to dress in church the way I would dress anywhere else. Keeps it simple.

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I only wear dresses on holidays. Much like my mother I try and make daughter wear dresses and skirts. I used to wear jeans. Until I bought some nice pants, I'm a stay at home mom so I don't wear nice pants to work during the week. It make me feel nice to dress up for church. My mother made me wear skirts and dresses, and now I just don't like wearing any kind of skirt.

I was talking to other moms, and dress our girls in dress is just how we dress them so they look cute. I also let her wear pants and or jeans sometimes, but not if I get to her before I get to her LOL. I think the girls like checking each others dresses out. I remember her telling me about matching or simuilar dresses

Kristin - posted on 02/17/2011




i wear jeans to church. i don't see anything wrong with it. i don't show cleavage or wear inappropriate shirts.
during football season, i wear my jersey to church when my team in playing that day. the deacon at my church started a fun conversation with me when he saw that i was wearing it.
i take my husband's children to church with me and they dress as i do. (jeans and a nice shirt).

Emily - posted on 12/20/2010




I think it is important out of respect to look nice in God's house, but I think it is more important just to be there. I don't wear jeans or tennis shoes, ususally dresses or dress pants. My daughter always wears dresses. I've noticed Catholics seem not to dress up as much as other denominations- I go to my husband's baptist church occasionally and the women there don't even wear dress pants- only skirts and dresses. At our church lots of people wear jeans and show clevage, which I think is innapropriate. But like I said, I think the most important thing is just to be in church.

Nelly - posted on 12/11/2010




We always get dressed up to go to mass. i find it very inappropriate to wear jeans to Mass, this is the Lord's House and you should dress with respect after all its a House of Worship

Cathy - posted on 12/07/2010




What if a homeless person came you your church, in the only clothes he owned? What if a passing stranger was moved by God to walk right into church instead of passing by? would you look distastefully at them for what they wore? Personally I don't believe God minds what we wear to visit his house, more that we visit! I don't wear jeans much anyway( gone off them!) but I do wear trousers a lot as I have a disabling health condition and I dont like to show my increasingly deformed/ill legs- is that bad?I consider myself lucky when I am physically well enough to get to church, and I am always welcomed by my friends there .

Maria - posted on 10/28/2010




Growing up my mother always wore a dress or a dressy pants suit. We wore dresses tights and fixed our hair and always wore a sweater. I remember being shocked when I realized some people were coming to church in jeans and tennis shoes. She told us that God doesn't care what you look like as long as you come. He knows you are doing your best and if the best you have are jeans and tennis shoes come in that. I used to not understand it but now that we're on our own w/ a small child I understand. We do the best we can w/ what we got I'm not embarrased when we come in worn jeans and a nice shirt. Our bodies are covered and we wear the best we have.

Mayra - posted on 09/28/2010




I always do my best to dress the best I can, I try to go "all out". :) I use to wear jeans when I was younger, then I noticed the older ladies would wear the things that covered their heads. It made me realize I need to dress the best I can for mass.

Phillippa - posted on 09/18/2010




We always wear skirts/dresses to mass and wearing a head-covering in the church is a feminine practice that we should still be following. We're also encouraged to wear sleeves of some sort. Needless to say, having cleavage isn't appropriate either.

Lauren - posted on 08/19/2010




Right now our parish meets at a local High School Theater. I think that the setting of Mass has everyone thinking that it is ok to dress very disrespectfully- low cut dresses and tops, flip flops, jeans, shorts, short short dresses. It got so bad that Msngr. actually wrote an article on appropriate dress in the Bulletin. It has gotten a little better but he still reminds everyone at almost every mass how we should dress. My parents always told me that we should dress like we were going to a nice party or dinner- after all it is the Last Supper we are re inacting at Mass.

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I always dress my daughter in a skirt or a dress with tights and a onesie or a sweater on to cover her shoulders.

I admit I often wear jeans as well, I've been trying to get out of the habit. I try to dress in either a skirt or a dress that goes to bellow the knee. I also keep my shoulders covered.

I wish my husband would dress a bit more appropriately, he wore cargo shorts to mass last week, which was extremely embarrassing.

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