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my husband and I have really struggled on godparents. it is our first child and he comes from a large family. his oldest brother is still single and my husband really wants to include him since he is always passed by because he is single. Does it seem strange to have only one godparent? We don't know a woman to ask but really want him to be the Godfather. I know it is okay in the church to just have one, I just don't know if it is very common or not.


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Only my side of the family is Catholic and my younger siblings are still at home and not married, so we did things a bit differently.

My oldest has my Catholic aunt and uncle as godparents so nothing out of the ordinary there.

My second child has my husband's aunt and uncle (not catholic, but faith-filled) AND my college-age (practicing Catholic) brother as her godparents, so she has 3, only one of which is Catholic. We did a similar thing with my youngest - a wonderful Christian couple, my husband's cousins with a beautiful young family and my next brother, also a faithful, practicing Catholic, as her 3 godparents.

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It's kind of nice to have 2, but I don't think there's any compelling reason to require 2. If you really want Uncle to be the Godfather, but also want to choose a god mother, why not consider a sister who is married or someone from your side ( a close friend or family member). No law says you must have a married couple both be godparents...in fact, it can work better if they aren't! My oldest's godparents are my brother (who was 16 at the time) and my cousin (who was married, but we didn't know her husband that well). It was a great choice for her, and both of them were very supportive of her faith formation, especially when she was very young. She still puts out the Nativity set my brother got her her first Christmas (she was 6 weeks old) and loves and adores each piece like an old friend. That means more then "who do we pick"...just choose well!

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You also don't have to have both of them Catholic, if you have a best friend that is not Catholic but would make a good godparent then he or she can be as long as the other is Catholic.

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We chose to have only one godparent for my youngest son. Now a couple of years later, she is married, and we consider her husband the godfather even though officially he isn't. For my oldest son, we chose two godparents, but they weren't married to each other. I agree with the other responses. If you feel the brother is the best choice, don't pass him over just because he is single, and you don't have to choose a second godparent (but you can if you want to). Congratulations on the baptism!

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When our oldest son was born, we chose my husband's oldest brother and a female cousin to be the godparents. They are both great people and adore our son. Don't pass over the brother just because he's single, he would be more then thrilled to be a Godfather to your child.

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I asked my oldest brother and only sister to be my son's godparents. Godparents don't have to be a couple. You said your husband has a big family you can ask any one of the females to be a god mother even if she is married.

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I agree with Angela on good one is better the two how are not. I think that he will be very honored.

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Hi, Heather.  We too were in your situation, and we did end up choosing only 1 godparent.  The priest was good with it, and we were too.  Good luck!

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i think that having one godparent who is an active church goer and will participate in your child's religious education is definitely better than one or two than won't. It is a special priveledge and he will most assuredly be thrilled. Even a grandmother can be a godmother. Good luck and God bless you all.

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