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My daughter is 13 and will be making her Confirmation next year. She's researching a variety of Saints, but while discussing it tonight, she said she'd love to hear stories of why people chose the Saint they did for their Confirmation name. Anyone care to indulge her?

I chose St. Frances Xavier Cabrini. I love St. Francis of Assisi, but since I had to choose a woman, I chose her. Also, my first name (Theresa) was my maternal Grandmother's middle name, but my paternal Grandmother didn't get a namesake. Her middle name is Frances, so I chose it to honor her. For several months after my confirmation, I used 2 middle initials when I signed my name, but after that, I didn't really use it.


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I chose Claire after St. Clare of Assisi. I found her story so inspiring, and I love how she is also such a Eucharistic saint. (In one instance, she brought out the Bl. Sacrament to protect the convent/town from invading soldiers). I admire her courage and spirit so much :)

Amber - posted on 04/30/2009




I chose Our Lady and and St. Therese. I simply couldn't pick one; I loved them both. So my Confirmation name is Mary Therese. I made a novena to St. Therese once. A lady who did not know I was making the novena came up to me, handed me a rose and said it was from St. Therese! :)

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