Struggling with the faith?

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As a new mom (to twins) and a fairly new Catholic I am really really struggling to keep my faith alive. It is difficult for me to put into words exactly how I am feeling but I am wondering if there are any other Mommies out there who have faced similar struggles when burdened with more than they can handle most days?


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I would say that the number one thing that really shook my faith was when I lost my first child. After not only losing the baby, but almost dying myself, it wasn't easy keeping my faith alive. I had to be my own cruel optimist and say that there just had to be a reason for it. Even if I didn't see it right then.

One thing that has really kept my faith alive is what brought me to the Church in the first place. As a child my home was thrown in to chaos. My dad was really mentally sick. Church was the only place I felt safe. I didn't feel that way anywhere else. I felt God around me. Even now I get a bit crabby if I miss out on Sunday mass. It centers me.

But it really wasn't easy through my miscarriage and the following grief. I can look back at it now and see what good came from it. But I sure couldn't see it then.

Feel free to PM me if you want to talk. It can be even harder to keep your faith with out good support from those around you.


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Check with your parish to see if there is a group to join that may interest you. Speaking and joing others of the same faith is a wonderful thing to do! I know that at my parish we have child care available to most of our events so it gives the parents a break and to learn and grow with our wonderful faith. Good luck and I will keep you in our prayers.

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