Chemical Free Homes :)

Hi all! I have an 8 month old daughter and think it is really important to use all natural products in my home so my daughter is safe. In all the research I have done about chemicals in all home products, it is just as bad as smoking around your children to use cleaners/soaps etc... in the home. If any moms out there want to find a natural and safe way to clean your home and so much more. contact me and I would love to share :) I shop with a company that has over 350 ALL natural products that are 100% chemical free and I love them so much, and am at peace because I know my daughter is not being exposed to unsafe chemicals.


Chemical free beauty product giveaway.

Just say you heard about it from baby center. Want $20 worth of Aphrodite’s Embrace products for free? Here’s how! (Sep 23-30) 1. Go to and...


Working towards a Chemical Free homw

I was recently introduced to a company that has all natural products from cleaning the home to what you put directly on your body and in your mouth. I have become very...


whats the best stuff to use

i would love to know what i can use around my home,to make it safer. they are advertising new products on tv...Orange stuff....but can you buy them at your local grocery...


Pledge to having a No Toxin Zone

I'm on an awareness campaign and've just got to know this! The cancer, disease, allergies, doesn't have to be there. Let's fight back with a...


chemical free homes

I don't know who wrote the latest post but I'd like to ask you a question? Is the company you're talking about by any chance called Melaleuca? That's what my husband and I use...


HEB and???

I live in Spring Texas. There is a new HEB by us and it has an awesome organic/natural section. Does anyone know of other stores that do this?


All the way chemical free

We also try and use no chemicals in our home. We equally agree that this is important. We started eating organic and about 70 percent vegetarian about six months ago. So then we...