Chicago Single Mommies

I am starting this community for Chicago Single Moms can get together (virtually) and discuss common issues such as finding a babysitters, daycare, public & private or Montessori Schools, good bargains for babies/children , potty training, and dating again (and how to get started, lol). If you know single moms out there, looking to meet other moms, tell them about our community. Let's use this community as a resource to help make being a single mom easier for the next single mom. Please feel free to post any questions or comments and Welcome!! Nikita


Suddenly Single

So what are some good tips on meeting other single moms in Chicago. I am 44 and my daughter is 13.



I'm feeling a little blue because I currently pay more in Childcare than I do in mortgage. What do some of you do for childcare since we do not have the option of stay at home...