MOM AGAIN 10yrs later now going to TRIAL to keep custody from more false claims from father

Lisa Ann - posted on 03/18/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have been PRIMARY CareGIVER 10 yrs GOOD MOTHER father again using anything everything and repeated matters proven false to gain sole custody in Trial.Truth of matter he claims he can do a better job in all areas and yet at same time brings me to CHILD SUPPORT to lower and lower and request to be able to CLAIM child.ONLY pays$50 MONTH and 10yrs ILLEGALLY claiming our daughter. Why CANT the COURTS see this??? Attacking me repeatedly having me investigated my spouse background check my medical records Etc... I do NO drugs nor abuse alcohol hell I hardly drink.Father shares little to NONE involvement in our daughters life outside visits.This is breaking me down constantly being threatened to maybe 1%have my daughter taken from me.Yet the Courts allow him to consistently keep bringing me through courts and I again have to prove allegations False. HELP!!


D - posted on 10/03/2014




i dont understand why the courts keep letting him bring you back...and as far as child support goes do you have it court ordered? what have you done about him claiming your child on taxes? you need to speak to an attorney and find out why the courts are not stopping him, and is there a way to have it just stop. i would even bring up this issue to the judge and let him know, it's like your walking and living on pins and needles with him watching your EVERY move.

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