childeren who have never met their father

i called off my engagement when i was 8 months pregnant. my fiance' was living a double life. he has seen her for 10 mins. and that will never happen do we tell our childeren they don't have a dad....until mommy finds some one who will love her as if she was his own?


what do i tell my son

Hi my name is Amanda im a disabled single mum to 3 boys my youngest son has a different dad but the dad has never wanted to see him and sometimes walks past us in the street and...


my daughters father

my daughters father walked out when i was five weeks pregnant just three days after finding out about the pregnancy, he didn't want to be a dad was his reson for leaving, i...



well i have never met my father and probably never will as his new wife doesn't approve of the idea. my mother took each day as it came and we did ok i don't resent her or have...