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Hi ladies,

I need help understanding my 25 month old son's speech problems. I'm thinking it's an oral motor issue but I'm not sure it's apraxia yet though he does exhibit many of the symptoms.

Here's the rundown:

He has 15-25 words that I can understand. Some of these I can only understand within an obvious context. Many would not be understood by others because they are so unrecognizable. Yet, he can say words like "hi" and "bye" perfectly. He loves to sing and has a huge repertoire of tunes but the lyrics don't even resemble correct articulation. He sings his favorite Ba Ba Black sheep like "ba ba bah shee" and he's been practicing that since he turned 1. He definitely drools still and used to soak through a shirt in an hour but that has mostly resolved. He doesn't seem to mind having a dirty messy face at all. He has been able to drink through a straw since the age of 1 and that's how he drinks every drink (take & toss cups). His articulation is very poor but definitely not robotic. He uses intonation mostly and ignores tongue placement and lips. What do you ladies think we have here?

I'm also thinking he has some sensory integration issues here because he has some stimming behaviors like rocking (mostly in his crib to put himself to sleep and sometimes under extreme stress) and hand waving.


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Our son Devin was "diagnosed" in late 2012 and in early 2013. Devin dis not speak well and really struggled, he could not say his brothers name Ethan. He called him ach-at or "hotshot". For a long time we were in denial about what was going on with him, thinking kids just learn to talk at different paces. The best thing we did it have him checked out, because it got us to action.

Here is a link to Children's Hospital in Cincinnati.
It is where he was diagnosed. It has a lot of useful information.


We have been working with him an he is doing really well.
His story is online at: http://www.devinsspeechproject.com/

M Ramsdell

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