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My daughter has Cerebral Palsy and apraxia of speech. Anyone out there with the same issues? Send me a line. Jenny!


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I have been using a recent major wellness technology for over 10 years now and it has really helped my 2 old year daughter who was born 9 weeks premature & suffered with brain damage - Cerebral palsy. She had dramatic improvements in a very short time; one week. What a blessing this has been.

View video links:- The Importance Of Glyconutrients – (Children) Dr Reg McDaniel Video “Sweet language Of Life” Part 1 Video “Sweet language Of Life”Part 2

My daughter Rikkea was born 9 weeks premature in Oct 1996 weighing 3 pounds & 11 ounces (1675 grams) and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (brain damage) at age one. She had many, many challenges.

At age 2 in 1998 she could not walk un-assisted, she could not speak very well, she drooled constantly from her mouth, she could not sit up unless supported, was chronically constipated, always sick with colds, suffered middle ear infections and upper respiratory infections, was developmentally delayed, she clenched her right hand and held her fist across her chest, she had occasional involuntary body tremors etc etc.

We were doing all sorts of therapies to try and help her: physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, monthly visits to specialists, doctors, a naturopath and a cranial osteopath. Nothing was really giving her much relief or improvement and it was costing me a lot of money & time.

It was suggested to me to try her on Botox injections in her leg ( I refused that type of treatment) and they said if that did not help they felt surgery on her leg to cut/stretch the tendon which may help her to walk.

We also started Rikkea on glyconutrients.

After one week she had amazing results. She got up and began walking un-assisted! In the next 2 weeks she began to put words clearly into sentences. Her speech improved greatly. She began using her left hand more and more, picking things up and no longer favoring it.

It was like a light had switched on inside her. She seemed so vibrant. Six months later her drooling stopped. She began schooling at a normal public Government public school with no teachers aid.

In April 1999 after Rikkea had been on glyconutrients for about 5 months, she was splinted for a leg brace She wore it every day which she hated.

In 2003 she no longer needed her leg brace and also was classified as not disabled enough to qualify any longer for the disability allowance. This was a big change for us all, Rikkea was no longer to be regarded as a liability, now she is an asset to the community!

In 2006 & 2007 she was selected to play in the school’s brass band in primary school and for 2 years & played the trumpet.

She played 2 seasons on the school softball team in primary school. Her team won the grand final in March 2007, and she proudly came home with 2 trophies. Rikkea ballroom danced for 12 months also whilst in primary school and won a medal in her first medal in Dec 2006 as she danced the Latin American “Cha Cha Cha”.

She now walks with her feet flat on the floor. She can ride her scooter, swing on a swing, jump on a trampoline and play many sports. Rikkea taught herself to recently ride a bicycle.

It’s now Feb 2009. Rikkea is 12 years old and in year 7 at high school. Rikkea is now learning to play guitar & will also learn piano as well. She loves high school, has many friends and loves shooting hoops in basketball & netball, she is a great goal shooter!

Now, the only thing that you can see is a slight limp and curling up of her toes on her left foot when she is concentrating.

Up-date: July 3rd 2009: Rikkea came home with her end of semester high school report last week with very surprising results! In the past at primary school she mainly got all Cs and Ds with one B.

In her report card last Friday it showed 3 x As and 4 x Bs with an A for physical education and 4 awards given to her on stage by the school principle. Her progress has been nothing but amazing! I am so proud of this little girl who has such love and compassion for people, children and animals, she has the most tender loving heart and a very mature, wise and perceptive mind. She has many friends who all love to be with her.

Our whole life has dramatically changed because someone cared enough to share the information about glyconutrients with me.

This is a cutting edge wellness technology (non-toxic) available only from one major world leading research & development company.

I am happy to answer any questions,

Warm regards,


Phone +61 2 6258 6923


Skype: Graeme.mangelsdorf

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