baths unsupervised?

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My son is 4 now and I was just wondering at what age other moms/parents think you should start leaving your kids alone in the bath. Currently we sit in the bathroom with him. I have friends who's daughter is 3 who leave her unattended (always checking in on her and keeping constant communication with her) And I was wondering what other people are doing? or their thoughts?


Christina - posted on 11/06/2010




My 4 year old daughter has been taking baths unsupervised for a while too as she likes to be in there for an hour at times!! Has all kinds of bath toys. I check in on her and also when she gets quiet will call her name or check on her. She's not allowed to get out to get stuff as I don't want her slipping and ect. I also would not allow her to turn the water on....if she needs ANYTHING she calls for me. I clean her up when she's about to get out as well...she's a girl and can't have them in soapy water for long periods of times.

Starr - posted on 11/05/2010




My daughter is 4yrs old and I do like your friends. I clean her when she frist gets in. So that she has a little play time in the water. Just about 5-10minutes than I get her out or she'll get out herself.


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Heather - posted on 12/29/2010




We havea 4 year old, we let him be in the tub by himself but we check in. we also wash him when he is finshed playing in the tub. but if iam in my living room i can see my sons bathroom and him in the tub. The only issue we have had was our son had to pee one time and didnt call for help and i was in the kitchen so he tried to get out by himself and he slipped and hit his head on the tub.(he was ok) but now he calls for help atleast..

Quita - posted on 12/29/2010




My daughter just turned four and is able to run her own bath water and check the temp. She's been bathing unsupervised since just before she turned 3. But of course there can't be a lot of water and keep calling to them to make sure.

Lindsey - posted on 12/28/2010




My 4 year old has bathed alone since she was 3. I get bath going with bubbles, help her in, then she turns the water off when she thinks its full enough. She plays for 10 to 15 minutes, then I go in and wash her hair (she washes her body) then I let her play another 15 to 20 minutes. I call to her from the other room and check in on her from time to time, but by 4 your child should be resposible enough to bathe with just you checking on them occasionally. Good luck and enjoy the extra few minutes you will have in your evening routine!!

Jessica - posted on 12/18/2010




Our 4 year old takes showers, but whether he takes a shower or takes a bath (sometimes he wants to), we let him be alone in the bathroom, checking in on him every so often, unless he asks us to be in the bathroom with him. I believe that at his age he is old enough and smart enough to keep himself safe.

Dana - posted on 12/05/2010




my daughter is 4 and its been about a year since i started just going in and washing her all up and then i will leave the door open slightly so i can hear her and i talk to her every few minutes. she appreciates the alone i think. she tells me to leave her alone she is swimming. LOL. as long as you keep within hearing distance and talk to her every once and a while she will be fine.

Jessica - posted on 12/01/2010




my daughter has been left alone in the tub since she was about 3, like your friends, and we check up on her every couple mins. she knows not to jump in the tub in case of falling. but i only leave her unattened for about 10mins, checking up, or at least yelling for her from down the hall, to be sure shes okay. but most of the time shes taking a shower anyways and is only left alone long enough for me to get her clothes ready. but you should do what feels best for you and your child. not based on opinions of others or bc you feel like you should do something just bc others are doing that for their children.

Monica - posted on 11/17/2010




My son is 4 and i put him in the bath alone and leave the door open and go and check on him and talk to him the whole time

Laura - posted on 11/17/2010




We do like your friends with our 4 year old. My husband's home office is right next to the bathroom so he will often go in there to putter on the computer. He keeps constant communication with her and we never leave her alone on the second floor of the house while bathing. I read that we should continue checking in on her up to age 7.

Brenda - posted on 11/16/2010




I don't think that there is an absolute age limit you should follow to leave your child alone. You need to use common sense and your own judgment as to your son's maturity level and as to whether you think he will be safe in the tub on his own. I can say, personally, I left my daughter alone beginning around age 3 1/2 and I would only be steps away and in constant communication. However, my son, is a totally different story. He is hell on wheels and has no fear or regard for his safety. I don't think I will leave him alone in the tub until he is 10! Just kidding. But seriously, only you know your little one. Do what YOU feel is appropriate. Follow your instinct.

Becky - posted on 11/15/2010




I started to let Ariel be by herself fo short times when she was almost 3. At 4, I have no problem leaving her by herself.

Brenda - posted on 11/14/2010




Daughter is now 4, I have left her unnatended since she was 2 1/2 years old, however the unattended started with small times, I would run and check the washer or food, or pull out her clothes for after, now she stays alone, now what helped me is that for some reazon my daughter is LOUD!!! she has always sign in the tub, and splash water and jump in the water, is like a party with 20 imaginary friends! lol, so When she first goes in I clean her up, her body,hair, and then i let her play until the water is warm/cold, if anything I would call it my lil break, I just make sure I can hear her at all times, and if I hear no noise I go and check immediatelly, and now she evens tells me : excuse me i am taking a bath,could you get out pleas? lol she is the cuttest, you know your child better than anyone, so I am sure you would know how comfortable you are with your children alone in the tub..Good Luck!!

Ruchi - posted on 11/11/2010




My daughter is currently 4.5 and she takes a bath all by herself. However, I do have a time limit (which is not too long)for her and she has to finish her bath by then. It is important for our children to know that we trust them to take care of themselves. Before she gets into the bath I will say to her things like, be careful, or make sure you put soap all over we dont want to miss out on anybody parts, and this makes her feel very responsible and grown up.

Sarh - posted on 11/09/2010




My daughter will be 5 in Jan and I have been doing as your friends since she was a little over 4yrs old. If your son is not afraid of bathes then try it. I mainly leave her "unattended" because I have a 5month old son as well. I feel real bad sometimes leaving her in there and just checking on her, but I'm glad you posted this and there are other moms doing this as well. She even washes up all by herself, I just have to double check that her hair is rinsed.

Jessica - posted on 11/08/2010




My son takes baths unsupervised since he turned 4. If he takes a bath in a hall, I can talk to him while in the livingroom or while picking up dinner. If he takes one in mine and my husbands bathroom I sit on the bed and use my laptop (I won't leave the room). I see nothing wrong with it!

Nicole - posted on 11/07/2010




I help my son wash up, then I let him play. I do stuff in the other room and peek in on him every few minutes. I make sure nothing is within his reach, just in case.

This has worked out well so far.

[deleted account]

We were like your friends...Derrick has been doing baths basically by himself since he was 3 too. If he needs a scrubbing then I'll get him first thing so he can use the rest of the time to play, since he'll drain the tub when he wants out...He'll turn the water on and off if he drains too much by accident or needs a warm up... If his brother bathes with him I stay in there until Jakob is done, but he's only 1.

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