Dads who wont change diapers

Kim - posted on 08/18/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




My husband hates changing our daughter's diapers. Especially when they are more than wet. But he also isn't her biological dad and I cut him some slack because of it.

However, when we have our own children I know he will still have a problem with it and will make up any excuse to not have to do it.

Any insight on how to make him more comfortable with it for our future children? Or do you think that just knowing that these are really his kids, he will be more willing?


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Rachael - posted on 12/13/2011




my hubby will only change our daughter when I am gone. But when she was first born he helped all time. Guess the novelty wore off... and a poopy diaper? ya right... if Im within hollaring distance he's calling on me to do it... unless I complain .. A LOT

Alexis - posted on 08/21/2009




It doesn't matter. There are diaper changing daddies and there are non-diapering dads! I have the latter.

I've come to the conclusion that he'll do nearly ANYTHING possible to forego changing one, but he'll put clean ones on.

Don't fret, think about it: diapering only lasts, what? 2 years? That's nothing compared to what's to come. Dad will do MANY things you'd never have the nerve to do.

And one more thing: forget the biological stuff. He's her daddy. Make it be that important!

Alison - posted on 08/19/2009




I would try something along these lines: "You've got two options: 1) do an equal share of diapers 2) keep your weewee in your pants!" :P

Seriously though, there is always room for negotiation. Say, if he agrees to take care of wet beds in the middle of the night (including throw-up beds), maybe you can strike a deal. Add on, take care of the worm infested garbage cans (this happened to me last night - disgusting!)

Lynette - posted on 08/18/2009




I guess I share a different opinion, I think dads should change diapers. I dont see why it shoul be any different for the dad then the mother. Who "enjoys" changing diapers? I dont know of anyone who jumps up and says "oh please please please can i change the next one" :)

As for it not being his child I am not sure that matters, you would expect your babysitter to change diapers why shouldnt your husband?

Stina - posted on 08/18/2009




When I felt like I was getting the lions share of diapers with #2, I talked to my DH. Of course it resulted in an argument but in the end, we worked it ou. Baby #3, I must say, we've got it down and he is as likely to change our dd's diapers as I am... Although, often I'll say, I'm going to _____ could you take the baby?" And we often ask e/o when the last change was as we switch off. Of course, when he's alone with her, he doesn't tend to change her as often as I do... and then wonders why she was fussy lol.

In any case, its totally fair to ask your DH to change some diapers too. With future kids, it might be good to lay out a gameplan before the baby arrives. Say you are home all day with the kids, he can take over diaper duty when he gets home. Or, an every other change scenario. Whatever works for BOTH of you... yourself included.

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My husband changed our son for the first month, but seemed to get hit with alot of poopy diapers so he essentially stopped. From 2-3 he only changes if I'm away or I complain enough... I think my mom said my dad rarely ever changed them too. I would only be bothered by it mostly if he refused to change them when he is alone with the baby! That is NOT good, so if he can atleast do it sometimes, or when you're away I think it may be all you get?

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My sons biological fatehr never changed one diper not one. I have a fiance and he will change them whenever needed. Its wonderful. :) I have a friend that her husband and her just had a child together. He will change his sons dipers but when it comes to just her kids its different. I dont understand why but I think it might be that he might feel werid changing someone elses kids? I dunno just a though

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