Daughter who won't leave the pets alone

Jenn - posted on 05/10/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




My 5-year-old daughter won't leave the dog and cats alone. She's constantly getting in their faces, grabbing them, chasing them, etc. She was always very caring and respectful toward them until about 2 months ago. They've scratched and bit her before to get her away from them, but she won't stop. I've sat her down and told her that what she's doing isn't nice and that she's going to hurt them, but it doesn't work. I've done everything short of getting rid of the pets, which isn't an option. Help! She's even started doing it to other people's pets.


Heather - posted on 06/09/2011




My middle son Spencer was the same way. He is 18 now, but when he was little he got bit by our Cocker Spaniel on an almost daily basis for SEVERAL years. At first we kept trying to stop him, but we all know how a strong willed child is. And after a fashion we just decided that he could just keep getting bit and he would learn. We also told him if he gets hurt from doing it, it was his fault for harassing the dog and HE would get a consequence for being mean to her. Biting and snapping was the only defense she had. He did learn,eventually lol. I know some people will say this was mean. Or why didn't we get rid of our dog??? But to me it is like training your child to leave electricity or your breakable things alone. They have to learn there are consequences for every action. Whether getting bit or their hand popped or even a spanking.

Danielle - posted on 06/09/2011




my daughter is the same way with our pet rabbit...its ridiculous, because she has been bitten and scratched and you think that would teach her. the other day, she picked him up and threw him across the room (NOT out of anger, just to see what would happen) our best solution has been to scare her just slightly as to what could happen if the animal gets hurt. i explained that his bones are much smaller and easily break. we have even told her that if shes not more careful, the rabbit may go into shock and die. that seems to work. i hate scaring my child this way, but unfortunately its the truth, so im not lying to her...we also give her a few chances through the day. if she cant respect the animal in the house, than she can spend some time in her room away from him, and she hates being in her room. good luck!


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Lindsey - posted on 12/14/2013




i have 6 year old daughter who would not leave the cat alone be its 2 late she nevers listen 2 me on what i have said she keeps goin up to him everymoring but i need some help with etc

Mary - posted on 06/06/2011




You are sooo not alone! My 5 year old daughter is doing the same thing to all our animals. We have a dog, cat, ftons of fish, and a rabbit and she bothers them all! Ive tried everything too. The one thing i did that actually made an impact was grounding her from her bunny for 2 days (which was a big deal, she loves it and always plays with it) At the end of the 2 days she was so miserable and happy that she got it back that she hasnt been mean since.

Danielle - posted on 05/12/2011




Hi my daughter is 4 yrs old & she does the same to our dog & cat. I have told her that it isn't nice plus they will bite 7 scratch u bt she also doesn't listen. Even wen they do do it she doesn't listen. She hasn't started doing it any1 else pets as she won't do that. My cat & dog r used to her doing it so don't really care unless she hurts them, them they let her know she has hurt them. All i do now is keep telling her to stop & that they will hurt her 7 i know it sounds crawl but i let her get on wit it & wen she comes crying to me that they have hurt her i tell her its her own fault. Sjhe doesn't do it as much now so mayb u could try that. I think as kids gets older they don't do it anymore.
Hope this helps :)

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