do I ignore "baby talk"

Yvonda - posted on 07/11/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My oldest son is 21 and has a 9 month old daughter, my baby (Emily) has started acting real out of character (for her) she has always been independent and eager to learn and be like her big sister, but lately she has started baby talking and wanting to be rocked and sang to...don't get me wrong shes my baby so I do these thing anyway, but she wants to coo like my granddaughter does, and act like she is sucking her thumb, so should I ignore? can I get some well meaning advice from you other mommies please


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I agree with some of the other moms... she seems like she is feeling like she isn't getting as much attention anymore, as she is no longer the "baby". I would try ignoring it first. If that doesn't work, then acknowledge the behavior and point out that "big girls don't act that way" and then move on. Whatever you do, don't dwell on it... it tends to exacerbate the problem. My mother-in-law went overboard trying to get their youngest to stop sucking her thumb when my oldest was born (she was 2 1/2 at the time), but it only made it worse, causing her to do it more, resulting in her now needing braces because she has wrecked her bite so badly with it. Eventually she'll realize how much better it is to be a "big girl" and will stop.

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My 4-year-old is really into role playing right now. Could this be something like that? I would probably indulge for a certain time, but try to remind her she's a big girl and how proud you are of the big girl things she can do that her niece cannot do.

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my daughter is currently going through this stage, the first time she does it i explain that she is not a baby and that babies cant do big girl things like colouring and that tends to work but when she carrys on which she does sometimes i ignore her....she gets bored after askin the same question 2 or 3 times with no response and resorts to talking properly hope this helps :-)

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To me it sounds like she is seeking more attention cause she is no longer the baby and the youngest.. My suggestion is try to ignore the traits you would like her to stop especially if it is things she has only just started up... e.g thumbsucking oh dear are you tired cause that is what little babies do when they are tired i was going to do this with you but if you are tired i will have to put you to bed.. play up the importance of being a big girl and really encourage the big girl fun and change how she gets some of that contact she is seeking.. hugs and kisses for doing big girl things.. singing and rocking reserved for bed times and as for baby talk say im sorry i don't understand you when you speak like that i love it when you use your words for me then i know what you are asking or wanting.... hope this helps


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She's doing it to get attention. You can do a little thing called reverse psychology to encourage her not to do it. Pay more attention to her good qualities and not her poor ones. Try and spend a little more time with her so she feels that she is not being left out or being pushed aside because of a new baby. This is sometimes the case with children, they feel that mummy and daddy dont pay them attention because they love another more and this tends to have reactions like this, but showing her just as much attention should encourage good behaviour. Yes ignoring the odd behaviours and encouraging the best behaviours are always best.
She will over time gradually stop the cooing and the baby language, but it takes a fair bit of effort to break the habbit. she feels that this is the only way to gain your attention and, frankly it works or else she wouldn't be acting this way of luck with it and remember your the mum. reward what behaviours you expect from her- the good ones and not encourage the bad by rewarding her or allowing her to get on top of you with these behaviours.

I however fall in a different catagory to you. My son reverts back to baby language as he is high functioned Autistic and that's the difference. I tried this on him and it didn't work, but I have tried this on my daughter and founfd it to work. It might be your best bet to giove a shot at. Good luck!

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