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I want to have a b'day party for my son who just turned 2 years yesterday. I want advice on a simple less costive party just to make him happy. What do you suggest i do?


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Deborah - posted on 06/30/2010




i am all for conservative small parties. For my son I always try to plan a party around a theme that he really likes, I've done, trains and Handy Manny, this year will be Thomas the train. I do buy the character themed decorations and such but for a small crowd not more than 10-20 people, only family and friends that he is close to. We do it from 1:00-4:00, guests arrive, we have a simple lunch usually homemade pizza, salad and snacks, then we open gifts, do cake and ice cream, last year we did a pinata then go home. Throughout the party the kids have free time to just play with my sons toys from his room and the adults sit around and talk, it is very casual,not too much going on. My son doesn't like big flashy parties and actually neither do I. there are a few special things I do for my son every birthday, i make his banner on the computer, I order him a special birthday shirt (cafemom.com), and I make his birthday cake. i always do a simple sheet cake then decorate to fit party theme, 1st bday- blue and white quilt, 2nd bday- trains (bought a cake mold online, sheet cake was a field with tracks then mold was used to make trains cars), 3rd bday- handy Manny (Sheet cake was made to look like the sign from his shop, printed characters off of disney.com for cake toppers and used a picture of my son in his handy manny halloween costume for the picture of manny that is on his shop sign. this year we a re planning on Thomas the train (not till december so havn't figured out cake yet). Last year i also bought confetti and balloons with my sons name on them (very cheap and party city stores). Just keep your son in mind when you plan, pick something he really loves, and just keep it small after all the party is for him and not anybody else (you can remind people of that when they ask why it was such a small party). If you were looking for something even smaller, I signed my son up for Geoffry's Birthday Club at toysrus, every year they send him a coupon worth i think $5. I take him to the store on his birthday or close to his birthday, he gets a crown and balloon from the staff and then gets to buy a toy with his coupon. As far as a party just get or make a small cake and have a few people over to sing happy birthday and maybe a few small gifts. You need a theme party, kids don't remember half of those big blowouts anyway. you know your son better than anybody so just follow your heart and it will help you know exactly what would make him happy. Hope this helps.

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Have an intimate party with family...you can make your own cake or cupcakes, time it right and you don't have to feed anyone...We never had parties when I was growing up...we got maybe 1-2 friends and that was it. But there were 6 kids in my family so we just had cake & icecream, opened presents...mom made our favorite diner...

You can search your area if there are free events or discount days for things to do? Around here one day per month you can hit up the children's museum free, other museums can be discounted like $2 admissions-same as the zoo...our theater has a free family film festival starting next week...Maybe there is something in your area you could take your son and a friend/fam member or few and play? or just go to a park??? There's really tons of things if you are in the right area :)

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