how do i keep a 4 year old entertained during the summer?

Julia - posted on 07/14/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi there,
I need some help on how to keep my 4 year old daughter entertained during the summer. My daughter Jasmine gets bored easily and cannot sit still for one second to do one task - she keeps going back and forth between projects given to her and I'm at my wits end to entertained her. She's also a fussy eater and I'm worried that she's not eating right this summer except whenever she's begging for sweeties.

Can someone out there help me?


Tonya - posted on 07/17/2010




wow she sounds just like my son. i just try to do simple things with him like playing outside. i work and go to school but when im w/ him i let him help me w/ stuff. if its laundry, i give him the clothes to put in the wash and let him poor the detergent. i measure it. same thing w/ dishes. i let him rinse. i try to let him help w/ stuff. it keeps him busy and teaches him rtesponsibility and he feels good about it.

Sherri - posted on 07/22/2010




I don't amuse my kids they know they must do this on there own. Yes we do fun things park, beach, Nana's pool, 1 week vacation every summer. But they play on there own in the mornings, eat breakfast, watch some cartoons, play with toys. At 12pm we have lunch then they go outside until 4pm (they play on the swingset, ride bikes, swim, favorite is digging in the dirt. Come in clean up, have snack, watch some tv as I cook dinner. Dinner between 5-6pm. I made it a point from the time they were little that I was not going to be there to be there sole sense of entertainment. They now are so good at playing independently. I do make time to play with them for certain periods of time everyday, they just don't rely on me to entertain them all day.


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During the morning after breakfast its we aim to to a structured activity whether its's reading to me, jolly phonics practice, speech practice etc. After lunch he has his free play time, at the moment he has built a lego house that he plays with and has to put out because of the fires ... (since a visit at preschool by some firefighters he has been playing firefighters!) We have practiced pouring and he filled up a bowl of water to play in (to the line ) other days we go on playdates and have had teddybear picnics in the garden. I have also rewarded good behaior by etting him choose what we have for dinner then leting him help me prepare it! (he loves helping at the moment!)
I'm also decorating at the moment and he is busy designing his new look bedroom! Hope some ideas things help! good luck and enjoy the summer! x

Stacey - posted on 07/17/2010




How about tea parties? My 4 yo is into tea parties at the moment. Maybe build things with playdoh, and like with the other replies take her outside

Mandy - posted on 07/14/2010




My son is like that. We end up leaving the house most days for activities. Some things that we do are storytime, swimming, play dates with friends, splash pad, other kid friendly activities. There are lots of businesses that have free activities for kids. Check out Michaels, Borders, Lowes, etc. Peter piper pizza has activities for kids as well as jump houses like Pump it up for a small fee. Hope those help.

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