I wanna toilet train my son.

Naomilee - posted on 11/12/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is almost 3 and Im having troubles toilet training him as I have had 3 girls Im not use to it lol I have done lots of lettin him run around freestyle and wearing jocks also he sees that his dad wees in the toilet HELP... xx


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Robin - posted on 11/13/2009




I am having to same problem, he tells me when he is dirty but will not train. They say to use a doll that pees for a day..tried but no go. So I believe that he will do it in his own time, when I left him alone for a few days he spent 1 day doing it then forgot.

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well i dont know if this works for everyone but when i tought my son to go potty he was up to the point where all he wanted to where was diapers but it was bad up to the point of crying if we didnt put a diaper on him so i explained to him that the store ran out of his diapers. and told him he needs to start wearing big boy underwear and going potty in the big boy potty. and that worked for him have only had a few accidents since and thats it. i mean i dont like lieing to him but i aint going to have my 3 year old crying cuz hed rather wear a diaper thats plain laziness in my eyes and i aint raise no lazy son. so if you want you can try that. see if it works for you. let me know either way

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