My Daughter is An Accident waiting to Happen!

Shanna - posted on 07/04/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




For the couple of years, my daughter has had lots of mishaps!! She is very excitable and rambunctious and when she gets hurt she rarely cries, she keeps on going! When she was 30 months, she knocked her head on the leg of the couch, leaving a bruise. She laughed! At three, she broke her wrist playing at the park with cousins. She cried but not the way I would expect from someone with a broken wrist!! She loves to wrestle with her four cousins, all under the age of eight, and she once hurt the seven-year-old on accident by swinging back and bloodying his nose! I don't think she has ADD but she is a wild child! I love that she's a free spirit but recently, she managed to knock out her front tooth (she's four, so it wasn't loose. I know, I brush her teeths :) ) She doesn't seem to worry or be sensitive to any of these things! I'm worried as she gets older and goes to school she may really get hurt! She doesn't seem to feel pain like a typical child her age. When she had her tooth knocked out she was actually fascinated! My brother tells me that Kennedy is really tough kid, that his kids are a bit afraid of her. Not because she is scary but because she is really, really rough! She barely pushed down a cousin close to her age, who cried and cried. Not long after, Kennedy herself fell down the carpeted stairs at my mom's house. She got a skinned elbow but laughed. I am glad she is a tough little kid but I'm worried she will one day get really hurt! Anyone out there relate?? Or have some advice?? Thanx!


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I agree with Jessica. It sounds like she has a really high pain tolerance. She might also have some sensory issues, which if she has ADHD, can be part of that. I'd bring it up with her doctor just to have it on record, if nothing else.

I remember when we were kids, my brother (who has a very high pain tolerance) smacked his head and gave himself a black eye, then went to school and told the kindergarten teacher our mom did it! When he was older, he broke his finger on the playground (playing basketball) and the school nurse told him to come back if it hurt. By the time he got home, it looked like a purple pickle and had fractured nearly all the way through the bone.

Jessica - posted on 07/14/2010




I was going to ask the same thing Shelley did... have you had her tested? My sister-in-law is almost 10, and her pain receptors are fine, but she is missing sensory receptors in her digestive system, which doctors say is similar in nature. Although rare, some children do not have proper connections with their pain receptors. She obviously feels pain (as evidenced by the broken wrist incident) but her reception of pain might not be as strong as other children. It isn't life threatening, to an extent, but it can cause problems, especially if she doesn't feel the same level of pain to heat for example.

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Have you had her tested i had a little girl go to my daycare that had no pain receptors. It was so scary for us because she would get hurt but not phase her one bit. And the doctors said it's not really a big deal just that some people are born without them and they are seeing it more and more.

Tara - posted on 07/07/2010




Jonathan is sort of like that always doing something dangerous and not always crying when he gets hurt but your daughter is tougher it sounds like. I would probably get her tested to make sure her nervous system is running right just be on the safe side. Other than that she sounds like my little sister, Heather broke her arm when she was 3 and my dad knew it but she wouldn't let anyone touch it and didn't cry. They checked when she fell asleep and took her in for a cast. She is still tough and has a really good pain tolerance to this day. Jon broke his leg at 23mo but he only cried for a few min., we found out later he only stopped crying because he was starting to go into shock. He showed no signs of it so we didn't know but I knew something was wrong because he wouldn't put weight on it so we took him in and sure enough it was broken so he wore a cast for 8weeks.

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