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My 3.5 yr old daughter is biting her nails. If I talk about it at all, she chews all the more...right in front of me:D Any ideas on stopping this bad habit? Or would ignoring it work best?


Danielle - posted on 05/04/2010




look in the nail polish section for something called "habit killer" (there are other brands as well, so don't quote me on the name.) what you are looking for is usually in a small black bottle, looks like clear nail polish, and is meant to break habits of nail biting and thumb sucking. you paint it on your child's nails (sometimes, its best to use 2 coats) and let it dry as best you can. then, when she goes to bite her nails, she will get a HORRIBLE taste in her mouth. (non toxic, obviously, its meant to be put in your mouth) my 4 yr old was practically chewing her fingers off until i used that stuff. it only took about 2 weeks of use, and i havent seen her bite her nails since.


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my almost four year old daughter also bites her nails. I'm sure it is a nervous reaction but not sure why. She loves looking at my longish nails and would like to have long nails too, so I say to her everytime I see her with her fingers in her mouth that her nails won't grow like mummy's if she bites them then she instantly takes them out. So far it is working but only early days yet.

Celeste - posted on 05/05/2010




I have the same problem with my daughter - I got some clear nail polish with glitter in and I told her that we must keep nails looking pretty and not too bite them ... So far so good... but it has only been a couple of days.

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i feel your pain!! i wish i had an answer. my mom swears tobasco sauce works, but i haven't had the heart to try it, plus my daughter's nail biting is so bad, that she'll bite her fingers. this is what i'm doing at the moment. i'm trying to observe when she does it the most.. like while watching tv. or does she do it a lot when she gets in trouble? does she do it a lot right before she decides she's hungry... that way i can try to combat it with out directly bringing any attention to her nail biting. she missed her nail the other day and chomped on her thumb by accident... i took that opportunity to address her nail biting. because i don't want her biting her nails just to thwart me... she's devious like that lol.

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