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N'Keisha - posted on 12/12/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




need help with helping my 5yr old with numbers and reading. If anyone has any advice to how I can help him please tell me


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Deidre - posted on 02/09/2012




It is never too late. Every single thing that we do is a learning opportunity. As far as numbers, you can count everything in existence.Use the clock, fingers, toes, shoes. Bath time is perfect for learning about anatomy, more than less than, shapes and sizes of bowls and cups and colors. So many things are ways of learning math and we just don't see it. It is way more than just counting 1-10. As far as reading is concerned, read at least 20 min a day to him. Point to each and every word on each page. Label all of the objects in your house. That is what I did when my kids were 2 and they were both reading at age 3. And it's not so much as reading that you should be concerned with as much as it is making sure he is able to recognize the words and letters. Also My 5 year old wasn't getting very good reports on his penmanship. I was so focused on everything else I forgot to make sure he could actually write. So last night I sat down with him and showed him how to hold the pencil tight. When he did that his writing improved 85%. The reason why I started my response with it's never too late is because I didn't do all this stuff with my eldest boy when he was younger. I still feel like we're playing catch up. But I've put into action these new skills with him at this age of 12 and it is actually paying off. It is our job as parents (which I NOW know) to teach our children first. We are their very first teacher. And our job is to be consistent and always continue in our teachings.

Laura - posted on 01/20/2012




start with letters from her name. i made up huge posters and we concentrated on one letter from my sons name each week. Numbers count everything you see from tile floors, the numbers above check out lines or on elevators helps them, its being repetitive that gets them there. My 5 year old (now almost 6) is in senior kindergarten this year and can just now write his full name and starting to read. They learn so much in their first few years of school. I have another son who is 4 and is starting in september and he has no idea the letters yet.

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I have been preparing my 5 year old daugther for kindergarten with flash cards and a kindergarten book I found at my local Walmart.. She's smart for her age and has caught on pretty quickly. She is counting to 20 and recognizing numbers 0-9 do far we just started the recognition of numbers last week.

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