Re: Getting your 12 yr old to go to bed at a decent time

Christy - posted on 02/01/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Any suggestions on how to get your 12 year old to bed at a decent time when he is playing school sports? He also gets up at 5am when he doesn't need to get up until 6 and i feel his mood is being affected. Always grumpy at everyone else in the house!


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Anna - posted on 06/03/2012




My 12 year old daughter goes to bed at 9.30pm on school nights. I have set blocks on her computer so it shuts down at 9pm then her phone has to be switched off ready and charging for the next day. If he is watching telly then maybe think about removing it until he respects the time you give him. Once he is having a decent nights sleep he may not be so grumpy. Good luck

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